Reforming and redesign the dining room

Something more than a piece of furniture, a table and the sofa. The dining room can be resized so that it becomes the best place in our house. We used to call him living room. But not to be lived just like that, but surrounded by a warm comfortable and home environment.

We can recover that concept if we carefully plan the final result and if we have the invaluable help of professionals with decades of experience as our reform and design department La CLAU Deco & Reforms

Can you imagine it?

First, we change the flooring. It can be made of wooden or high performance and resistant materials that are similar to wood and that only if you touch them can you differentiate them. Then we can paint ceilings and walls, it is not necessary that all the walls be the same color. And the flooring tones can play with the tones of the surroundings.

Then we replace the old curtains with a folding or roller blind, more modern in light or raw color. We add a new lighting that can include a floor lamp with warm light bulbs.

Surely the sofa, table and chairs no longer fit the environment we created. In that case, it is best to call the city council to know what day they would remove it from public roads and make them disappear permanently.

If we choose neutral colors for our furniture, that should not be dark and in harmony with the color of the floors and walls we will have achieved a new perception of depth or a dining room that looks bigger and better distributed.


Hiring all the services of a reform to a single technical team simplifies and streamlines everything from the first moment: Electrician, painter, carpenter, decorator, supplier, administrative and accounting management, the famous 6 in 1 without headaches and a single call to the offices La CLAU group. They will solve our doubts, and more importantly, they also perform quality control in the finishes.

A multidisciplinary team that has the resources, contacts and experience we need to address a reform with the least possible impact in terms of time, incidents and economic costs. As you will see, from the beginning, everything is easiness.


It is erroneously not the first thing to think about, since this will be in relation to the elements of the reform, for example: we have increased the points of light, added radiators, placed a new spot for the television, perhaps practiced a new window or installed a fireplace …, all this redistribution of the elements and spaces affects the sizes of the furniture, its style and new location. If we have acquired a huge sofa bed that now does not fit in front of the TV, we will have lost a lot of time and money. This type of thing causes a lot of friction or tension and it is not the true purpose of a reform, but everything else, what we pursue is to get excited about the process of change and get excited about its good result.


The prestigious architect and designer Ray Eames said in an interview:

« The functional is better than the beautiful, because what works well remains in time »

A more pragmatic view of the type of furniture we really need will help us to considerably simplify the decoration and avoid significant wasted time taking care of or cleaning small and numerous decorative elements. It is much better to be very selective and choose well without reloading everything. For example, a picture of a certain size and quality is better with some suggestive motive than a score of small cheap sheets impossible to order.

It is always better to have the steps free and remove all those things that no one uses anymore: magazine racks, footrests, liquor furniture, side tables full of photos of our holidays, crooked coat racks, exercise bikes…


The world of carpets can leave us exhausted unless we know for sure what we are looking for.

Ethical rugs, short or long hair, leather, natural, modern or classic, vinyl, washable, custom, doormats, wool, synthetic …

In the election it is always important to think about where we will place it, what measure would be suitable and how it would contrast or harmonize with the rest of the elements of that part of the dining room, which is usually in front of the sofa and under a small wooden and crystal auxiliary table. If we choose a synthetic carpet with long, dark and fluffy hair, remember that our visitors will step on it, «normally the carpets are on the floor», it is inevitable, so it would be very useful to think about a powerful vacuum cleaner with a deposit for solids and liquids that we can then store in a closet. Modern and silent vertical vacuum cleaners can be an interesting option in this regard.


This is an important decision, since the table reigns the dining room and is a multipurpose element.

Tables are usually designed in three basic forms: round, square or rectangular.

Let’s look at the different advantages or disadvantages:

Round tables: they contribute to creating a warmer, more intimate and cozy space, they are more comfortable and safer because they do not have legs or corners and facilitate better communication because they eliminate the hierarchical position regarding the figure of the table head, however they take up a lot of space and do not allow you to join other tables to get an extension.

Square tables: they are the most traditional and functional. They have many advantages, such as being able to corner them on a wall to gain space or allow other side tables to be added. In addition, most have extensions to increase their capacity. However, its corners are uncomfortable and can be dangerous for children or the elderly, the legs can also be inconvenient.

Rectangular tables: this type of table is usually more appropriate for large families, meeting offices or restaurants for large celebrations, however, when communicating, some can be found on opposite sides of the table.

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