Why do you need an agency to sell your real estate development?

A real estate developer, just as he needs close coordination with the builder to bring his project to success, he needs a real estate agency to market his real estate development to make it known and to fill it with families.

Why does a real estate developer need an agency?

At Fincas la Clau we design a tailor-made marketing plan for each real estate development. We study the needs of the area; every detail of the homes and we make it known to the customer profile that can buy faster.

Just as the building begins with the foundations, to commercialize the new construction our foundations are the detailed knowledge of the potential client.

To define our buyer persona (target customer) we study the demand in the area and the type of housing of the promotion. If the real estate development is made up, for the most part, of 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom homes, we should mainly target families. If, on the other hand, they are 1-bedroom apartments, we will not only have to find a way to reach young workers (with stable employment) but mainly investors who seek good profitability with the rent.

Each type of client needs a different approach, not all have the same search habits and we may even have to itemize the benefits of the area (proximity to basic services and all connections) or the specificity of the construction or materials.

Let’s take an example, if the promotion has been built with the highest environmental standards, we must present them and make them known. A very specific type of client can choose to purchase a more ecological building, but for most families that will not be decisive in the search. In that case, you have to show the advantage for the environmentand for your bills, present an investment for the future, not just your own but everyone’s. To live in a modern place and to support these such much-needed constructions, etc.

To show all this, it is necessary to create a 360º marketing campaign, that is, a campaign that encompasses all aspects. From descriptions on a web page, professional photography or renders where appropriate, virtual home staging, virtual visits as well as specific advertisements for each customer target.

If you want the marketing of your real estate development in Catalonia or Andorra to be a success, call Fincas La Clau so that we can start designing campaigns and the sale is fast.

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