¿What documents are needed if I want to buy a property?

One of the most important parts of the process of buying a property is the processing of all the necessary documents for the moment of signing. Depending on whether the home is new, second-hand or even an off-plan home, certain papers will be required.

Documents for new constrution home

It is necessary for the developer to provide us with the building license, the certificate of occupancy and the certificate from the Property Registry. As well as the statutes of the community of owners and the Decennial insurance.

Documents for second-hand home

simple note that certifies the owner of the property, as well as if it is free of charges.

Verify if the current owner is up to date with all the payments of both the community of owners fees and the invoices of the last receipts of the supplies and the Real Estate Tax paid.

The energy efficiency certificate, which is essential for the home to be sold.

Documents for housing off plan

In the event that it is an off-plan home, it is very important to corroborate the developer’s data, as well as the legality of the home, for this you need:

 Building permit and project approved by the City Council.

 Registration of the building in the Property Registry.

 Check the existence of the company, request a certificate from the Mercantile Registry.

 Location and house plans as well as the description of the building and the house.

 Quality report.

 And contract with the total sales price with VAT, as well as the form of payment and a guarantee for the quantities delivered.

At Fincas La Clau we help you process all the necessary documentation for the purchase of your property so that you do not have any problems at the time of signing and you become the owner of the house of your dreams without complications.

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