¿What are the advantages and guarantees of buying a new home?

A new construction home is considered to be a home that is purchased from a developer once it is built or the rehabilitation has been completed, that is, when the completion certificate is issued and that are homes that have not been used for a term equal to or greater than two years by persons other than the acquirers. On the other hand, any home acquired by a bank from a developer would not be considered a new home.

Buying a new construction home has a series of advantages and of course with certain guarantees, for that reason, many people decide on this type of home.

  • Being able to use the housefor the first time: a new house allows you to be the first to occupy it and not have to take care of any problem that may have arisen during the previous owner’s stay, since the developer delivers the newly built house and with all the facilities in perfect operation.
  • Possibility of customizing it: if the home is bought off-plan, there is the possibility of making small changes to adapt it to your tastes from the beginning.
  • Not having to make reforms:one of the greatest advantages why buyers decide on a new home is not having to carry out any type of work or reform, since the home is bought in perfect condition and can also usually be customize before they are finished.
  • New construction guarantees:new construction homes have a series of guarantees, which allow claiming any problem that occurs in the home, during the established periods.
  • Improve energy savings:new construction homes have top-quality materials, for which they obtain a more efficient energy efficiency certificate, which allows saving on energy consumption bills.

¿What guarantees does a new construction home have?

  • A period of 10 yearsfor any damage that may affect the safety of the building structure, for example, foundation problems, problems with load-bearing walls, etc.
  • A period of 3 yearsfor any damage that affects the habitability of the home, this includes problems such as hygiene, noise or environmental protection, for example, it can be cracks or dampness.
  • A period of 1 yearfor any defect in any finish, these are the least minor damages and have more to do with aesthetic issues, such as a floor that is not well placed.

The deadline for detecting any of these problems in a home begins from the moment the finished home is delivered to the developer, that is, it is not at the time the buyer purchases the home, so even if it is a new home, If it has been built for a long time, it may be that even if we find this type of problem, it does not fall within the guarantee, since the legal term would have exceeded.

However, for the warranty to cover any damage, the owner has a period of two years to claim the performance of the warranty. Whether it is small flaws or something more serious, the important thing is to do it through a means that leaves evidence or in a reliable way, for example a burofax, so as not to have problems when executing the guarantee.

The responsibility for any problem that may affect a new-build home rests with all those involved in the construction: construction company, the company that was in charge of the element in question, architects …, although the maximum responsible person who has to account for any problem in a new home, is the developer.

At Fincas La Clau we include in our portfolio of properties a wide variety of new-build homes, including apartments and houses, so you can buy with all the guarantees, and where you will surely find the home you need to become your new home.

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