The theory of innovation en las communities

Don Miguel de Unamuno is credited with the phrase: “Progress consists in renewing oneself”, and from this argument the decline: “renew or die”, which in a broader sense comes to tell us that things that do not move and progress, they stay behind and time consumes them until they disappear.

Within the real estate field, many times that renewal does not come because we do not know very well where we have to start, what permits and authorizations we need or who to go to design a realistic budget, reliable and appropriate to our needs. Of course, this uncertainty is greater when dealing with a community of neighbors, with disparity of opinions, resources and criteria. In these cases, let us give you good news La CLAU group has been managing the acquisition, reform, maintenance and administration of all types of real estate, including the communities, for more than 35 years.

The well-known Law of Vertical Property for multifamily properties and communities includes everything necessary in terms of maintenance, management and protection of common areas: facades, facilities, places of passage, gardens, furniture, lighting, parking, swimming pool …, access areas among many other concepts.
The proper management of a community since its establishment can be an arduous and difficult task if we do not have the advice of professionals or we delegate to them most of the tasks of administration and implementation of the decisions that are adopted.

When forming a new community, at La CLAU ADMIN we can help you:
Acquire, complete and manage all the necessary documents for the Constitution of the Community, Legalization of the Book of Minutes, Registration of the estate in the Treasury Delegation and obtaining the Tax Identification Number [NIF]. We would also provide the keys and access to our Virtual Office LACLAU365 from which you can communicate with the rest of owners, publish minutes, track improvements, call meetings …, etc., and all 365 days a year and for 24 hours each day. This is in turn a valuable online tool to access shared documentation; budgets, subsidies, claims to defaulters among others.

With the help of our real estate agents, experts in communities, you can ensure greater efficiency in the implementation of the agreements taken by the board, a greater Control of collections and payments. Budgets adjusted to current needs, personalized consultations through our legal system, Processing of habitability certificates, required in purchase-sales and rentals, management of the request for energy reports and a large asset of people and resources at your entire disposal.

In the middle of the 80s, the slogan “Sitges, això es vida” became popular in our region and a good part of the rest of Catalonia, and even then, it had its raison d’être when proposing life in Sitges as a unique and privileged place. However, the humidity, the proximity of the sea and the own hardness and alkalinity of the water of Sitges, although improved in the last years, requires a greater effort of maintenance of the structures that are to the elements, channelings and even electrical installations.

Take the maintenance of gardening as an example; imagine a community with trees, surfaces of grass, hedges and flower beds with perennial or shrubby flowers. How much time would it take to have it all taken care and healthy? What works should be done in each era? What irrigation system would be more efficient and economical? What kind of pests should be controlled, what soils and fertilizers would be appropriate?

If we could keep a record of how much each thing costs, the quantities and characteristics used, as well as the time when they should be done, in that case we would have an annual work, supplier and industrial memory much more useful than we would have imagined.

Regarding the treatments of insecticides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers and all kinds of phytosanitary applications it is important that the community keep the safety records of each product and establish a protocol in case of contact poisoning. Very few people know it, but the main route of intoxication is the mucous membranes and the epidermis of the face and arms. The chemical particles can remain in suspension and impregnate the surface of the leaves, so an application must be announced with enough time for the community to take the necessary precautions and especially if there are children enjoying their outdoor activities.

Now let’s think about the community pool. During the spring and summer, the leisure area and especially the pool is the busiest and visited by all the neighbors. What type of service should I hire to maintain water health correctly? How can we conserve the treatment and channeling facilities in an optimal way, without costing us too much? It is important to keep a record with the pH readings of the water, what kind of filtrations are carried out, what type of products are used (including diatoms) or how much water flow is renewed each season.

For all these efforts and the examples, we have given, have the help of a real estate agency like ours. At La CLAU group we are aware of the enormous effort involved in coordinating so many incidents, scheduled tasks or technical services. Leave it to us, we can do it for you, it’s our job.

Innovation is no longer a theory or concept; nowadays, new techniques, materials and services are becoming more precise, efficient and sustainable. As the philosopher said: “Renew or die” and it was not wrong, things have to be maintained and sometimes renewed. The life of the communities depends on our involvement in this sense, but we do not always have the necessary time, energy and resources. We advise you to delegate all these concerns to our team of real estate advisors from La CLAU group and continue to enjoy your well-deserved rest, because Sitges continues to offer us an opportunity for rest that IS life.

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