The key (clau) of renovations

In the nautical language, all the maritime space through which the wind, currents or waves have pushed us and which has diverted us from our original course is called the drift course, or defeat course. Both locutions are very graphic if we think about our daily life and how the problems and concerns of each day can divert our course and move us away from our objectives.

From a real estate point of view, many similarities are established between the trip on a ship and the natural wear and tear suffered by the houses. If we do not want to be defeated or floating adrift, it is necessary to establish a good maintenance program and have good professionals of the reform. This would be something like adjusting the navigation instruments and correcting the course, or saying in a closer language, to use all the tools and resources at our disposal to rectify, repair and correct everything that is necessary.

At La CLAU group, a long time ago we have created a department of Integral Services and the results have been amazing. We have managed to carry out works that border on excellence for the satisfaction of many customers and have designed a good maintenance program.

The time, the prolonged and repetitive use or even climate itself, among other factors cause the natural wastage of things, and for that reason it is very advisable to foresee the incidences.

Currently, the maintenance works have specialized and professionalized much more than it was before and these have given us new concepts such as preventive maintenance.

Unlike corrective and predictive maintenance, in this case we propose the healthy exercise of anticipating ourselves, and depending on factors such as the design of the structures, the quality of the construction materials, the location or annual memory of tasks can be assess with certainty what will be the life and duration of the facilities, as well as the work that will be necessary to repair, modify or replace any of its components.

“The simple joy of taking an idea into your own hands and giving it the proper shape is exciting”

George Nelson (Design and architecture)

In the team of La CLAU group we have all the necessary resources to “correct the course” of your home and repair everything that is necessary, being respectful with the law and regulations, as well as the environment and the priorities of our customers.

Everyone says “I can do everything myself”, but not everyone has the knowledge and experience, or is qualified, and what is more important, accredited to perform related work, for example, with water, gas and electricity.


From September 18, 2008, and according to the Order published in the [DOGC] Official Diari of the Generalitat de Catalunya of 08-26-2004, with No. 4205, and drafted by the Department of Labor and Industry, it is obligatory to formalize a maintenance contract with an authorized installation company in the following cases:

       • Industrial installations that require a project with a maximum admissible power greater than 100KW.

       • Premises of public concurrence (more than 40 m2). And that includes garages of more than 25 car parking spaces.

       • Common services of buildings with more than 100 KW

On the other hand, each estate or establishment must have a maintenance book, in which the results of all the revisions and inspections carried out will be recorded. That book may be required or consulted by industry and energy institutions.

All this regulation helps users to establish a climate of trust and receive accredited and professional attention, without unexpected risks.

At La CLAU group we have a professional team for all kinds of Design, Construction, Renovations and Maintenance jobs.

It is a select group of technicians and industrialists, specialized in projects and monitoring of works, legalizations, registration bulletins, modifications, revisions, installations and global or specific projects.

Each member of our team can show their accreditation as authorized installers of water, gas, electricity, or telecommunications. They offer coverage throughout Catalonia and of course also for the Garraf region. Our services are comprehensive because they include a wide range of specialties integrated in a single team:

New building construction. Renovations of all kinds. Rehabilitation of facades and buildings. Isolation and waterproofing in patios, terraces, etc. Installations of electricity, gas, water, heating and air conditioning. Home automation and lighting. Metallic carpentry and aluminum enclosures. Fences and perimeter fences. Painting work.

On the other hand, and through the legal resources department, we can advise you on everything related to procedures, work permits and current legislation.

In our real estate offices, you can consult all the technical specialties and request a budget that fits your needs.

We can also find a wide variety of new construction properties or those under construction. Every week, hundreds of people visit our websites of La CLAU in Sitges, Barcelona and Andorra, as well as our exclusive site for high-end housing: La CLAU elite.

If you are interested in exceptional properties, we can inform you of all their features. Properties built in residential areas, with large gardens, swimming pool, garages and very well-maintained accesses. If you come to see them, you will fall in love with them. Just a few minutes from the beach and the commercial center of the city, its way of understanding life and traditions, always so linked to local customs and the singular pleasure of living in such a surprising place as Sitges.

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