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It tells the story that the phrase has its origin in an opera entitled: Clari o la doncella de Milán.‘Clari, or the Maid of Milan’ in which the song composed in 1823 by John Howard Payne and Henry Rowley Bishop appeared for the first time and whose chorus said: “Home! Sweet Home!”

The song, and especially that fragment became immensely popular during the War of Secession of the United States [1861-1865], becoming then an inspiring hymn that would be sung on both sides. The devastating effect that this melody produced on the combatants caused it to be banned by the Union Army, as permeated by the melancholy and longing that the lyrics caused, an increasing number of soldiers were dropping out of their ranks to return home, with your families.

The word nostalgia is a neologism (newly created word) coined by the Swiss Johannes Hofer [1669-1752] who used it for the first time in the development of his medical thesis of 1688.

The word nostalgia comes from the Greek “ nostos “, or return and “ algos ” or pain. Therefore, nostalgia is the sorrow of being far away from home, family and friends.

The home, the sweet home, which we appreciate so much and that when we are far from it can arouse in us a great accumulation of feelings such as nostalgia, is something that we must protect and avoid unnecessary risks.


Some believe that thinking about risks is a matter more typical of older people than of modern and progressive young people, however, the consequences of jumping without a net could be dire and regretting it all our lives.

Acquiring a new home for rent or property is an important decision that has moral and economic implications, it would be a shame that after having devoted so much time and resources to shaping our dreams, we could lose everything due to lack of foresight.

Of course, nothing has to happen, but life itself is subject to movement, to changes that can fluctuate or literally pulverize our sense of security.

Water leaks, electrical breakdowns, material wear, pests such as woodworm and other unexpected events can ruin the domestic economy of any of us if we have not been forecasters and hired good home insurance.

In La CLAU group we can offer you that service, so that you feel calm and with La CLAU guarantee of more than thirty years in the real estate sector. La CLAU Home Insurance can be the key that opens a world of possibilities and well-being.

Since 1982 Fincas La CLAU provides its customers with a quick and adequate response to the particular situations that arise frequently in the field of contracting and maintaining their insurance policies, and in the management of claims that may occur.

Our effective products such as home, vehicle and community insurance can make things easier for us and avoid many headaches.


Do you know how far the coverage of your current policy goes? We offer personalized insurance that is appropriate to your needs.

Take as an example one of the elements that we have already mentioned: the dreaded Woodworm.

This insect deposits thousands of eggs in tiny galleries that it has drawn on the wood while we, without suspecting it, continued with our lives. When the humidity and the temperature of the environment are optimal, the eggs hatch creating communities of insects that devour the wood and lay new eggs. They work in hiding and often their effects are not perceived with the naked eye until the consequences of their voracious appetite become catastrophic. To get an idea, we will surely remember that eighties movie “This house is a ruin.” If we manage to visualize any of those sequences, we will certainly have grasped the concept.

One of the fragments of the dialogue said:

– “We live in a gruyere cheese with doors”. In turn, the plot of the film starring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long acknowledged: “Finally, the decision to buy and renovate the house affects the couple’s relationship”

Many times, we think it was just a movie, a comedy … but the problems that may arise by chance in a property can affect the relationships of their owners.

When an architect finishes the design of a building and must sign his authorization for it to be built, he uses a formula in the text similar to this “Good without hidden defects”. One of those most famous hidden vices historically was aluminosis. When talking about hidden vices, he was not referring to bad habits, but to premature wear as a result of the incompatibility of materials or other elements.


In La CLAU group we propose that you do not take unnecessary risks, if one day the effects of an incompatibility of materials, of a plague that can ruin an acquired home with great effort and effort, you will appreciate this advice: come and see us and talk about details of the most suitable home insurance for your home.

Remember, every day we feel the nostalgia of the return; From our jobs, the school, the street and the only thing we want is for everything to flow without problems or unpleasant surprises, but if these are presented, we are well prepared with the insurance of Fincas La CLAU.

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