The essential energy certificate

When it seemed that everything was ready to move into the new home, our real estate adviser informs us that there is still a legal process, and that is essential. It is the Energy Certificate.

For some time now, all of us, not only the real estate agents but also those interested in acquiring a new property, have become aware of the importance of achieving good energy management.

A successful choice not only favorably affects our domestic economy, but helps preserve such an inestimable value as clean and renewable energy sources that both promote the health of our planet and our own well-being.

To optimize and certify the state in which the consumption of a home is found, this model of certificate was created, mandatory for 6 years, specifically, from June 1, 2013. Since then it has become essential to rent or sell a house, apartment, property or business premises. The obligation to show the Energy Certificate is legislated by Royal Decree 235/2013. The certification regulation comes from a European Directive that has already been implemented by all member states.

At first this procedure may seem an administrative discomfort that hinders the flow of purchase or sale of a property, if this is our case, we want to share with you good news, in The CLAU group we have specialized in turning any obstacle into real benefits for our customers.

If we think carefully, at the time of the sale, would not a property that certifies that its energy consumption is not only clean, but also economical and sustainable, have much more possibilities?… The Certificate allows those interested to assess whether the housing that they consider buying or renting has the appropriate energy characteristics and they can also know a first assessment of what the energy expenditure will be at the end of the year. The Certificate includes some technical advice on what can be done to enjoy a more efficient energy consumption, on how to increase the comfort of the home and therefore reduce costs.

For the buyer, this Certificate is a short-term savings advantage, and for the seller a plus as a guarantee of quality. Both parties, therefore, benefit.

What must be done to get the Energy Certificate?

You can do two things. Ask a budget to an energy agent, compare it with a maremgnum of offers, prices, dispositions, advantages, disadvantages, request administrative help to complete the forms, specify a prior appointment to resolve our doubts, go to official offices…, or you can simply leave it in our hands.

The Energy Rating must always be carried out by an accredited technician, who in turn is aware of the calculation tools required in each case. Before starting the technical evaluation, several previous factors are taken into account: the year of construction of the building, the type of property, or the geographical location. The energy certification programs take into consideration the climatic conditions of the place being evaluated, for example, it is reasonable that there is a greater expenditure of heating in the interior than on the coast, to all this the graphs and scales of a Database that includes all the options.

The following parameters of the study include the thermal envelope (enclosures, exterior walls, floor, windows), data of the original facilities such as thermal insulation of the building and improvement measures already implemented or still pending. The subject of the windows is of special interest, because the majority of energy leaks are produced by leaks in windows that do not close hermetically. offers a free online simulation (calculadorafinestres.icaen.gencat) to perform an estimation of consumption based on the type of windows installed. It is a tool that calculates which type of windows are more suitable depending on the climatic zone where the building is located and the orientation of each window. It also generates the approximate acquisition cost without installation or taxes. It also offers data on the economic savings in energy consumed (kWh/year) that would mean the change of windows.

The Catalan Energy Institute [ICAEN] updates every day the data on the energy efficiency certificates made up to now by means of an Open Data that can be consulted openly. This consultation can give us an idea of how the application for certificates has evolved in the area where we live and what problems we can face.

The energy efficiency table is the same as found in new appliances. There are seven arrows (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) of different colors and where the phrase A on a dark green background is interpreted as the one of greater saving and energy efficiency.

At La CLAU group we are always ready to help all those who trust us. After more than 37 years in the real estate world we have experienced many changes that have given us some capacity for adaptation. A constant training and interest in innovation has kept us all these years as a benchmark in the sector. Our database with almost 4,000 sales and more than 5,000 rents reflects hard work that has not been achieved by doing things as they were done thirty years ago. In our offices in Sitges and Andorra we would be willing to resolve any doubt about the Energy Certificates or how to position the sale of a property through our official website.

Do you know the advantages of signing a multiexclusive with La CLAU? Come and see us and we’ll explain it to you.

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