Terramar golf club and life in Sitges

92 years have passed since that January 1927 in which a group of friends, practitioners of fashion sports, golf, contagion of their enthusiasm to many newcomers.

The initial course of the field was then only 9 holes and the first grass greens were not installed until 1952, so those were sandy. It was the time of the beginning, with an aesthetic in the clothing and sports articles that today might seem very primitive, but at that time were of topical importance.

It was only 8 years ago, in 1919 when the works of the Garden City of Terramar began and these would include The Terramar Park Hotel, modernist gardens, library and sports facilities. The zone that extended to the west from the hotel to the Ribes stream, was thought in its origins to house the aviation field, but it did not have the expected welcome and the land was later destined to a golf course.


The current Golf Club has since 1973 a field with 18 holes in well-equipped facilities that have, among others, an excellent restaurant service, tennis courts, paddle tennis, wellness & fitness services, track of basketball, football pitch, children’s area, playroom, sports shop and accessories and exceptional views a few meters from the sea. In the year 1983 there were only 658 members, of course those figures, with time they were increasing.

The Terramar Golf Club is distinguished mainly for being a course with a pleasant layout in which most of the holes are flat and varied. It is not an excessively difficult terrain, nor an exhausting extension.

The microclimate of Sitges with about 300 sunny days a year and good weather favor its affluence. Its proximity to the sea allows many times to play with breezes that are not usually of great intensity and that help withstand the heat in the summer months. Some local experts believe that one of the secrets to make a good result is not to make mistakes in the first and last holes, the most complicated in the field.


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We do not ask this question thinking exclusively about the sports team, but attitude. One of the main qualities to play this sport is perseverance, long hours of training and be prepared to walk a lot. In the practice of golf precision is necessary and this is only achieved by persevering without letting the discouragement leave us down if we do not get immediate results. Good will and concentration are of great help, but it is the precision that will help us to stand out, let’s not forget that some hits run more than three hundred meters to reach a small hole saving the wind, sometimes the rain, dodging artificial lakes and sand bunkers.

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