One of the main needs for any person will be to insure both the home, its inhabitants and their material goods. For this work, technology is the best ally; Today’s market offers great innovations to provide safe spaces, proof of anyone who wants to violate its reliability.

At Fincas La Clau we present you a list of technological devices that will help you have a safe home.


The Smart Lock: An Investment You Must Make; By having control from a mobile application, you will be able to know who has entered your home all the time. Conventional locks are easier to open compared to a technological one, so it does not provide that extra security that you need.

IP cameras: they are another protection need with which you must equip yourself. Thanks to its connection via the Internet, you will be able to have on the screen of your mobile or computer a continuous surveillance of everything that the cameras capture; In the event that a stranger enters, they can be identified. Remember that you must install them at all the points you want to monitor and that they cover the entire field of vision possible.

Sensor lighting: one of the first and best known technological gadgets. You can use them both indoors and outdoors, making sure they are in key areas of the entrance and surroundings of the house so that the slightest movement is activated. Inside the home you can control its operation from an application and if you have appliances and other devices connected to the Wi-Fi network, you can also program them to turn on at certain times, creating the simulation of people inside to mislead the marauders who look for easy targets.

An essential alarm: it does not hurt to add extra security to your property. If someone wants to go unnoticed to enter your home, they will think twice if they see that there is an alarm that announces their arrival; for its effectiveness to be greater, it must be connected to a security center.

We hope our listing is helpful. If you want a home with these new technologies already included, do not hesitate to ask us, we will advise you.