Sitges, certificate of the Biosphere

When in La CLAU group, real estate agency we talk about Sitges, we are talking about quality of life in a unique and special environment that attracts millions of tourists every year from all corners of the world.

During 2016, the municipality was awarded the Biosphere Responsible Tourism award and now, three years later, the prestigious certificate linked to UNESCO is renewed.

It is not easy to harmonize tourism development with the natural and human environment, so it has not been an easy road. To receive this important recognition of tourism sustainability, no less than 112 requirements must be met. Among them are different criteria of environmental quality, sustainability in terms of social responsibility, preservation of cultural assets or satisfaction of the expectations of tourists about their destination.

This and many other reasons fill us with pride, because we know that when we at La CLAU group offer a property, we are not only offering a home, but an experience of satisfaction, well-being and quality of life.

The light of Sitges, the warmth of the climate, its 17 beaches, many of them with the recognition of blue flag for the excellence of the sand, equipment and water quality, almost 5 kilometers of coastal promenade, an enviable gastronomic offer, a nourished cultural agenda of activities throughout the year for all tastes and environments, deep-rooted traditions that attract international attention. We could be talking for hours about the reasons why it is so appreciated to live in Sitges. Of why it fills us with so much satisfaction to recommend one or another housing to our clients.


Sitges is an open-minded and modern population that welcomes people of all tendencies and cultural antecedents without prejudices or preconceived ideas. For this reason, it is so pleasant to live surrounded by an environment of tolerance and respect.

Living in Sitges gives us the inestimable opportunity to interact with all kinds of people, with visitors coming from remote places, and practically without leaving home to interrelate with them, with their customs, their language and culture. To make friends who almost always return and to whom we can embrace again.

Many people come to Sitges, because things always happen here.

The local radio with the most audience and tour Radio Maricel recently interviewed outstanding people to talk about the tourist expectations of this season. Josep Daranas, from Blau Sitges, Sira Puig and Miquel Ferreres, from the Sitges Convention Bureau, and Carles Gilibets, director of the Jardins de Terramar festival, had the opportunity to express their opinions.

Of the almost 45 minutes of interview, some aspects were highlighted:

• Talk about Sitges in the media, networks and platforms, it benefits all of us.

• Sitges is a remarkable visitor reception center, a diaphanous, friendly space, equipped with new technologies focused on the service of information for both the citizen and the tourist. We must continue working to have enough meeting spaces and information offices with all the offers of activities regarding museums, guided tours and tourist claims.

• A rigorous study of Sitges’ online reputation is about to be published, which will reflect that one of the most valued assets is visits to the Garraf Natural Park. The study has taken into account the opinions of almost 18,000 people in two years.

• A good place to visit, it must also be a good place to live. The Diputación de Barcelona is preparing a study on the loading area of ​​emblematic places that gather many people during an event such as La Fragata de Sitges.

• All those present agreed that the Tourism Agency should return.


Turismo de Sitges is currently proposing up to 8 routes, which may include excursions and guides. The agenda of scheduled visits is updated monthly on the Tourism Office page. For example, during the month of June the visit entitled “A walk through the history of Sitges” was promoted.

This guided tour lasts about an hour and a half and includes an itinerary that goes through the widening of Sitges, the center and the old town.

In the first part of the tour you can discover the origin of modern Sitges, with its new widening of almost 80 hectares of land and the houses of the so-called Americans who, on their return from Cuba and the Antilles, in the late 19th century invested part of his fortune in beautifying the village.

In the second part of the itinerary you can discover the oldest part of Sitges, the main street, the Town Hall Square, the church, the walls, Bosch Street or San Sebastian Beach.

Finally, in the third part of the route you can see the works of artists and collectors such as Santiago Rusiñol, Miquel Utrillo and Charles Deering, among others, who transformed the historic nucleus of Sitges into the most emblematic place of this town.

Tourism and the lifestyle of Sitges have always given us great satisfaction. At La CLAU group, we want to put all our experience and resources at your service so that you can also live in a place of international recognition, Certificate of the Biosphere and with so many elements to make you feel at home. Visit us and discover a multitude of offers and possibilities in both new and second-hand homes. Come to Fincas La CLAU.

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