Security technology is more in demand for the protection of second homes

With the end of the holidays and the return to the routine of work and studies, there comes an additional concern for those who have a second home and have had to leave it empty, it is about the security of their properties, since they will remain closed for a long time.

Technology is one of the greatest allies to secure the home, be it the usual or temporary, and by this time it is known that security facilities are the most demanded to protect property.

From Fincas La Clau we tell you what are the home automation solutions to protect your second home and you can return calmly to your daily tasks.

Intelligent Systems

One of the best measures that are also within reach are the technologies based on the Internet of Things surveillance, based on three fundamentals: access, maintenance and security.

Of the security systems that we recommend are those that have motion sensors interconnected through the Wi-Fi network, there will also be IP cameras to monitor all movements that occur in the home and together with smart locks, you will be able to have control of your home through applications on your smartphone.

Home automation also allows maintenance of second homes, another of the needs that owners seek to cover. Intelligent systems allow you to monitor boilers, air conditioners, irrigation systems, water, energy and gas services and any other element susceptible to damage, you will be able to know possible leaks to act quickly.

Sad statistics in Spain

The figures are discouraging for the owners, according to the criminology balance of the Ministry of the Interior, during 2019 there were more than 142,000 burglaries at homes. The concern is understandable and that is why it seeks to increase traditional security measures with the use of technology.

We hope that with these measures you can be calm with the security of your home. At Fincas La Clau we think of you.