Security in a community of owners, how to face it?

Security in a neighborhood community is an issue that needs to be treated with care because there must be a balance between the system that improves the level of security and that is also simple to use, so that it does not cause rejection among the owners.

Currently, security systems make use of the latest and most advanced technologies to provide a solution to each type of problem.

The main security problems in a community of owners

This is a summary of the main safety issues in homeowners’ communities:

➔ There is the possibility that unscrupulous people could sneak through the garage or search the storage rooms to steal.

➔ Low lighting in garages and arcades is a source of discomfort due to the insecurity that it produces in the building’s inhabitants.

➔ The simplicity with which you can force traditional door opening and closing systems.

➔ It may happen that there are former owners with keys and controls in their possession and these cannot be locked, tending to the possibility of entering the garage with malicious intentions.

➔ In the event of a loss, the community could be at risk if there is more occupation than allowed.

Guidelines to improve security in a community of owners

Some solutions for the main security problems in a community of owners would be the following:

Video surveillance cameras

Currently, it is a high security product and Full HD high definition digital security cameras offer a comprehensive service for the community as they incorporate solutions such as video analysis.

Alarm systems

In the same way that there is a private alarm, you can install an alarm system for the community of owners; This is a perfect complement to access control, since upon the arrival of any intruder, it will send the alarm signal to the neighbors and the central.

Access control

Through a single device you can manage and control access to the common areas of the community of owners. The device has encrypted information with a high level of security, thus preventing unauthorized copies.

Anti-occupation solutions

In recent times, the illegal occupation of houses has suffered an alarming increase, one of the solutions is the integration of video surveillance with access control. The cameras will be in charge of an approved security company, to function as evidence in a judicial process; access control systems will serve to identify unauthorized persons to access the community.

Security for storage rooms and garages

Storage rooms and garages are the places with the most vulnerable points in a community of owners; One of the ways to improve is through security locks and personalized access control systems, in addition to other systems such as video surveillance or anti-intrusion.

Legal framework of security in a community of owners

Despite all the problems mentioned about security in a community of owners, and the possible solutions, it is also important to know all the current legislation on security issues in communities of owners, in order to avoid any financial penalty.

Therefore, it is recommended to know all the specialized legislation including the General Data Protection Regulation (new LOPD), the Horizontal Property Law, the Private Security Law, and others.

To avoid any problems between neighbors and have legal and guaranteed security, it is advisable to go to a property administrator to help us manage the security system so we can be calm in our home, avoiding most risks.

At Fincas La Clau we have experience in the administration and management of communities of owners, we also have knowledge of current legislation and we can take care of everything related to the community, always ensuring the integrity and tranquility of the inhabitants.