Second residence near the snow – Andorra

After this hot summer you may be thinking of a much more refreshing landscape, one with lakes of transparent water, mountains that caress the cotton of the clouds and snow, lots of snow.

That place is by far Andorra, the country of the Pyrenees. If you like snow and winter sports, you will find them here and in abundance.

Acquiring a second home in Andorra offers us a set of invaluable opportunities. On one hand it is a magnificent revalued investment and on the other hand it allows us to keep in touch with nature permanently.

In our real estate agency of La CLAU group Andorra we have the house or apartment you were looking for, many of them within walking distance of the ski slopes, with interesting offers and a great quality, price ratio. Living in this small country of the Pyrenees and so close to Barcelona, ​​offers us a world of possibilities to enjoy free time, go shopping, share gastronomic and cultural activities or simply stroll along the lakes.


The peace that in every way is breathed in the Principality of Andorra is directly proportional to our ability to enjoy a quality life. Without haste or overwhelming routines and the possibility of creating links and sharing unforgettable moments, Andorra is not the romantic Venice or the exotic Caribbean beach, but it has all the necessary ingredients to make us happy.

A second home in Andorra fills us all the rest of the year with pleasant expectations that are like a new purpose. The offer of hotel occupancy in Andorra is very wide and of quality, but it is not the same as having the certainty that in Andorra your comfortable home awaits you, one in your style and with elements very attached to your aesthetics and personality.

Get away from the big cities and the bustling cosmopolitan activity has been conceptualized as “getaway.” What do the locals escape when they flee the city? The monotony, the tedious and repetitive tasks, the demands of production, deliveries on time, the pressure of the boss, scrub the dishes…

In Andorra it is nice to wash the dishes, because you know that what comes next may be what you prefer.


In most cases skiing is not a competitive sport, so we can slide on the snow without the pressure of reaching the first ones. Actually, we don’t need it. Get the first to what? To the time of vermouth? In Andorra we want to enjoy the landscape.

The practice of skiing has many incentives, one of them is the improvement of the technique, which will allow us to try more difficult and at the same time more fun tracks or discover new landscapes. Improving the technique creates a new perception of everything that surrounds us, because we will no longer be so aware of the complements of our team and we will get less tired.

Skiing is an antagonistic of mountaineering, since in one you walk up and in the other, we slide down on two boards of polycarbonate, plastic, wood and titanium, among other components. The climb is usually slow and tests our resistance, but the descent in skiing can reach great speeds with an average of 70 or 90km / h, although some have exceeded these figures. This means that on soft snow the speed may be higher than that of a straight moped. Or put another way an adrenaline rush.


And so, we offer unique opportunities for you to buy or rent a holiday home here, in the snow paradise. Visit us at our office of La CLAU group Andorra and see for yourself that it has never been so easy or you have been so close to getting it as now.

Users have said on portals such as TripAdvisor that the snow in Andorra is excellent. Perhaps for this reason the Finals of the Alpine Skiing World Cup have been held this year in Andorra, because their tracks had nothing to envy to others in the Aspen, Chamonix or Switzerland category.

The main ski resorts in Andorra are those of Grandvalira (in Pas de La Casa, Grau Roig, Soldeu, El Tarter, Canillo and Encamp) and those of Vallnord (Arcalís, Ordino, Arinsal and Pal).

In Grandvalira, we have a track extension of 210 km. It is considered as the largest ski area in southern Europe.

If we have some skill, do not miss a visit to Pas de Casa Grau Roig, it is very attractive and with many slopes. We also propose a great experience with a descent between forests to Soldeu or El Tarter at sunset. The lower part of this part of the station is full of forests and crossing them at the last minute, just before the station closes, the “Os” track or the “Gall de Bosc” is a real wonder.

In the Soldeu faith zone, a free descent along the “Avet” track is also recommended. A black track, with good ramps and a good wall.

Others instead prefer the “llop” track of the Tarter, starts with a good preheating wall and then softens to swing on both sides at full speed.

The track “Gavatxa”, is another favorite, almost always bathed in the sun and with a perfect inclination to carve (from English Carving, which means turning cutting the snow like a surfer would).

Other very popular and high-quality tracks are: The “Aliga” Track, the “Torrallardona” (Soldeu), the “Bosc Fosc” (Soldeu) and the “Miquel” (Soldeu). All of them to enjoy intensely one of the best winter sports.

We have talked about the snow and the passion for skiing and we have proposed an important change in your life, to have a second home in Andorra almost at the foot of the slopes and in one of the countries considered internationally as a better quality of life.

Come see us at our office La CLAU Andorra and let us show you evidence of what we have talked about.

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