Rent of flats, from private to private or in the hands of professionals?

This raises an important doubt both for the owner and for those who are looking for a flat for rent. It is obvious that leaving the rental of apartments in the hands of professionals is an expense, but also gives security and tranquility to both parties plus many other advantages, here are the three that we consider more important:

Rent of flatsAdvantages for the owner

  1. The fear of non-payment of rent of the apartment is undoubtedly the most worrisome. In Fincas La Clau we make a selection among the interested to find those who are more reliable and, if the owner wishes, we provide tools that guarantee the collection, such as the specific coverage for apartments to rent Arag, a leading company in the sector.
  2. Due to the ignorance of the new law of urban leases, the owners often include in their rental contract illegal clauses that later bring problems. Having the professional advice of Fincas La Clau is the saving of many unpleasantnesses. We also have a legal department specialized in real estate issues, among others.
  3. Real Estate Consultants of Fincas La Clau are available in a wide business schedule to be able to show the flat for rent to the interested ones, undoubtedly a great advantage since the owners have labor obligations that do not allow them to have such a wide timetable to show the apartment for rent.

Advantages for tenantVentajas para el inquilino

  1. Our experience in the rental of flats in Sitges leaves us something curious: the most valued by the people who look for apartment for rent is the time saving that implies to have a real estate agency that select the flats that more fit  their needs and to be able to see several flats for rent in one day. In the case of “private to private”, each individual has a different schedule and it may take weeks to see the same number of rental flats that they would see in a single afternoon with a professional real estate advisor.
  2. Having a professional of Fincas La Clau to accompany you to the visits to the selected rental flats is a guarantee that each visit will be to a flat that will have the features that the interested person seeks. It will not be a waste of time seeing flats that do not meet your expectations because they will have been selected.
  3. Of course the contract will be perfectly in accordance with the law, without any abusive clauses of any kind, nor there will be any surprises after the signing of the contract, the rental apartments that are part of the Fincas La Clau portfolio are in optimal conditions, fulfilling all the criteria of habitability. And in the event that this was not the case, the tenant would be informed in advance, before signing the lease of the apartment in question.
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