Realistic rate of a property

Some people who want to sell or rent their home, when setting a price are guided by their instincts, the opinion of friends or a personal market research. However, in this article we will see that despite all these good wishes and intentions, it is much better to delegate and entrust the estimate of the price to real estate professionals and especially in this case to the figure of the appraiser.

The appraiser first asks a simple note to the property registry to verify that the information provided by the interested party matches the information in the official registry. It also requests a copy of the deed of the house and compares the data with the cadastre and the corresponding town hall. These are the preliminary tasks.

 In general, most owners value not only economically, but sentimentally the apartment or house they offer for sale. Surely in that home grew their children and is full of memories and endearing experiences. However, the person interested in buying or renting, has never shared those memories with us, theirs have been others, in another place and therefore the house or apartment that you want to acquire is not linked to any sentimental value, you should simply gather certain requirements of space, location or accessibility, that is: walls and facilities, location and transport.

In many cases, the pragmatic vision of the new owner drives him to make important reforms. Perhaps it removes a room and expands the dining space or closes the terrace with aluminum carpentry and converts it into a new living room. The possibilities are inexhaustible and the result makes the original property almost unrecognizable. And with that some references to that nostalgic vision to which we referred to may vanish.

The new laws on appraisals are in the same vein, that of avoiding getting emotionally involved in a product, in this case a home, and inflating prices for sentimental reasons. On the other hand, prices that are not realistic or that are well above the characteristics of the apartment or house we offer, tend to create a climate of distrust in which we will not only lose the sale, but also the opportunity for a smooth transaction for a long time, even years

Consider the following example taken from everyday life:

Imagine that we want to buy a more current vehicle, with more features and most likely more expensive than what we have. For many improvements that we have implemented to the vehicle since its acquisition, when it is time for resale, an appraiser only takes into account 3 basic factors: the registration and age of the vehicle, the kilometers, and the general condition. Everything else, the improvements we made, do not influence the final price of the vehicle.


In Fincas La CLAU offers our customers an efficient appraisal service for houses or flats of all sizes and characteristics.

Something relevant to determine the valuation of a home is, for example, the true state of the building, since the value of the property depends largely on it. An old building but with all inspections in order and well preserved will be a guarantee of quality superior to a more modern building but in poor condition or, for example, deficient in any of the technical inspections of buildings.

Fincas La CLAU offers a complete service of judicial expert opinions to proceed to appraisals that require a fair legal opinion, applying in the process the valuation norms established in the current legislation.

The Catalan Government has recently approved the decree law whereby rental prices can be limited and do not exceed the benchmark in neighborhoods and cities by 10% with a proven lack of affordable housing. However, exceptions have already been found that are beyond the general norm, being able to increase or reduce the rental price depending on the state of the house and its surroundings.

A moderation in the starting price is being promoted from the accredited bodies. And it seems that everything is moving towards moderation.

In Fincas la CLAU we have different collaborators, different appraisal companies in the province of Barcelona that will provide this service with the most rigorous professionalism and impartiality, always accepting current regulations.


In any real estate transaction various factors are involved and one of them is the one that ensures our safety and interests and in accordance with current legislation.

To guarantee success, avoid misunderstandings and satisfactorily complete any sales agreement, it is very necessary that we can rely on a legal team to guide and accompany us throughout the legal process.

For this purpose and with the clear objective of ensuring the rights and interests of our clients and in our involvement in offering a better service, in Fincas la CLAU created our legal department, La CLAU Jurídic. Time has taught us that the tranquility and confidence of being in good hands during the purchase management of a new home are vital.

This area within our real estate group has avoided in recent years many unpleasant upsets and surprises.

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