Valuationsrigorous professionalism and impartiality

Fincas La Clau offers the service of legal experts to carry out appraisals that require a fair legal opinion, applying the valuation that require a legal opinion just applying the valuation rules established in the current legislation.

In addition, as we know, in any purchase and sale of houses in whose operation there is the banking intervention of a financial institution for the granting of the mortgage loan, will also be necessary the intervention of an appraiser. As in other provinces of Spain, real estate agencies have the tendency to collaborate with assiduous appraisers and related to the locality where they are located to carry out the appraisal of the property to be mortgaged. By way of example we can say that in the province of Alicante, the real estate agencies when realizing the sale of real estate in this capital, it is customary to request the appraisal of the property to the architects in Alicante associated with the appraisal company that corresponds. This competition is very common for all the APIS of our country.

Do you need our appraisal service?valuation service

If for any reason, you have already made the transaction of your property for sale, or for other reasons such as separation, divorce, inheritance … and you need an appraiser to carry out judicial review of your property, we want to let you know that in Fincas La Clau we have different appraisers companies in the province of Barcelona who will provide this service with the most rigorous professionalism and impartiality, always ruling themselves with the regulations established by the Bank of Spain.

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