Buy and sell FINCAS LA CLAU

Purchase and saleof real estate

Any transaction related to a property requires specialized advice, especially when dealing with a transaction as important as the purchase and sale.

In Fincas La Clau you can consult with expert professionals to ensure a good operation and to manage all the necessary procedures.

We are characterized by a personalized and trustworthy, discreet and quality service, as well as the great investment we make in the advertising management of the properties we have for sale. All this endorsed by our expert team, formed by the best professionals of the different fields of the sector, who will accompany you throughout the process of selection and acquisition, as well as the sale of your property. Our specialists will inform and advise you on the most interesting properties on the market, providing you with legal, financial, architectural and interior design, organization … everything you need to make your project come to success.

Services we offerof purchase and sale

  • Financial advice.
  • State of ownership, charges and levies of the property.
  • Valuations at the real price of your property.
  • Formalization of private contracts and public deeds of your property.
  • Legal and tax advice.
  • Advertising management of your property through:
  • Our offices, located in the most central streets of Sitges (Barcelona).
  • Our websites and other online platforms.
  • Complex computer programs developed specifically for Fincas la Clau which allow, among other things, to offer the potential buyer a specific selection of properties according to their preferences in their email automatically.
  • The best management and monitoring tools, which provide us with a constantly updated and comprehensive knowledge of the market, with a unique automated management, control and monitoring capability. This will allow us to readjust the necessary aspects in order to expedite the sale.
  • And, as it cannot be otherwise, we have the best staff team in the area, a team that forms an active part of the social life of Sitges and surroundings, with a wide network of contacts. Experienced professionals who are familiar with the local market, perfectly trained to carry out all the necessary steps to close the best agreement for both parties.

Fincas La Clau, buy or sell your property