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Enjoy all tranquility, while you rent your home.

Among the services that we make available to you from Fincas La Clau, we also want to send you our offer of Rental Protection Insurance through the Mapfre Insurance Company which we represent.

  • Non-payment of rents. Protects the owner of the rented house including up to 12 months of non-payment of the rent.
  • Material damage. It guarantees compensation for vandalism caused by the tenant.
  • Legal defense of the lessor. The Rental Protection insurance covers the legal defense of the lessor against conflicts arising from the contract, including eviction, the claim for damages, criminal defense of the lessor and professional actions and fees, each of the guarantees up to a limit of 3,000 euros. It also offers the insured a telephone service with legal guidance.
  • Home assistance. It includes urgent repairs as well as connection services with professionals.

Rental Protection Insurance is intended for homeowners who rent it and who need to protect their home against possible non-payment of rent. Through this insurance, the collection of the rent against possible non-payment is assured, in addition to offering legal guidance and defense as well as assistance in the home and possible damage to the home due to vandalism.

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