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Homeowner’s communitiesnuestro objetivo

Homeowner’s communities, our objective: to offer solutions which facilitate the life of the community, and to improve the coexistence between neighbors and to revalue their properties.

Fincas La Clau was born as a management company in 1982, over the years we have consolidated as a benchmark in the area of Sitges and surroundings thanks to the incorporation of the latest technological and computer advances that offer infinite improvements in the service, as well as having an excellent team, in constant training, to give our customers impeccable service.

Our serviceshomeowner’s communities

  • Community Constitution, for those estates that require it.
  • Legalization of the Book of Acts of the Community.
  • Sign of the estate in the tax office and obtain the NIF.
  • Issuance and collection management of budget for the ordinary and extraordinary expenses receipts.
  • Control and payment of all economic obligations of the community of a regular nature, as well as exceptional works and that will be authorized by the President.
  • Annual Validation of expenditure and income.
  • Preparation of annual budget expenditure.
  • Preparation of invitations to regular and special meetings and convocations.
  • Drafting of the Act and subsequent notification to each of the owners of the property.
  • Recovery of unpaid assessments prior to litigation.
  • Employment counseling, preparation and payment of payroll and social security of the employees of the community.
  • We have technical and human resources for the maintenance and upkeep what your Community may need.
  • We have legal team specializing in Horizontal Property.
  • Manage the processing the claims that may occur in the Community, continuously monitoring until its complete resolution.
  • Custody at the disposal of the Board of owners all documentation of the community.
  • Administration and Management of subsidies and grants for the rehabilitation of buildings.
  • And in general, any other service related to the proper functioning of your Community.

Fincas La Clau, homeowner’s communities