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Our real estate services, do you want to know them?

Certainly at some point you may have needed advice from a legal department, a lease manager for your home, a policy that ensures it, or simply guidance on the execution to effectively carry out the sale of your property. Fincas La Clau want to let you know that in our real estate agencies, you have these and many other services related to real estate transactions, as well as other additional ones always necessary and that all housing should hold.

You can consult with expert professionals to ensure a good operation and to manage all the necessary procedures.

we have a team of experts in renting apartments, as well as one of the largest and most interesting portfolios of properties for rent.

We provide tools that guarantee its collection and rental coverage, providing the owner with peace and security in their operations.

Our objective: to offer solutions which facilitate the life of the community, and to improve the coexistence between neighbors and to revalue their properties.

In Fincas La Clau we promote new construction properties in the area of Sitges and surroundings.

We put at your disposal a wide variety of possibilities in order to securely insure homeowner communities, your home and even your vehicle.

We offer judicial expertise to proceed with appraisals that require a fair legal opinion, applying the rules of current legislation.

Projects and follow ups of constructions, legalizations, registrations bulletins, modifications, revisions, installations and global projects.

If you are an owner of an old house or a plot and you want to sell it or exchange it for new construction, do not hesitate to contact us.

We have a group formed by professionals of the sector specialized in different areas and capacities to give a solid and effective answer.

In the current situation of the real estate market, there are opportunities for real estate market, that represent short and/or long-term real estate investments.

Whatever your project is, we have the key to your success. We have been in close contact with the market and our customers for more than 35 years.

With the aim of ensuring you rights and interests and in our eagerness to give a greater service to our clients.

Attractive experiences for all ages and tastes, different proposals to know what to do in Andorra during your stay with family, couple, friends.

You can use our virtual office 24 hours (365 days at your service) from where you can check your settlements, receipts, minutes, calls, etc.

We also want to send you our offer of Rental Protection Insurance through the Mapfre Insurance Company.

Fincas La Clau, consult our services