Magical nights at Casa Batlló Barcelona

We say that something is magical when it comes to a special and unforgettable moment. When it meets all the requirements to make that experience a unique occasion that will survive the passage of time among our best memories.

We fall in love with Barcelona at any time of the day, but it is at night when the city shines with a light that transports us to experiences and sensations that are already a treasure for us in our memory.

From the 3rd of June onwards the season of visits to Casa Batlló begins, this time during the night. For less than forty euros (half price for residents of Catalonia) we can see and touch one of the greatest works of Catalan Modernism of our era, attend a concert of  Blues, Soul, Jazz, Folk, Rumba music …, taste a refreshing glass of champagne, climb to the terrace and peek at the magic of a city where millions of lights tinkle like an interstellar map capable of transporting us to the best of our dreams.

As the Japanese architect Tadao Ando says:

“The architecture is only complete when we experience it”

The architectural ensemble, the music, the cava, the lights of one of the most visited cities in Europe for its beauty, will lead us during a romantic evening that will not leave us indifferent. Of course, you choose who accompanies you.

In the CLAU group we bring you today a very special proposal. Night visit to Casa Batlló in the neuralgic center of Barcelona. The creative work of Antonio Gaudí, located on Paseo de Gracia nº 43, is one of the nine buildings listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco and considered one of the attractions that make Barcelona an almost iconic place to live.


After more than thirty years sharing happy moments with our clients, accompanying them throughout the process of searching and managing a new home. We have learned to overcome obstacles, optimize efforts and acquire resources and tools that are indispensable today when selling, buying or renting a property.

In our real estate agency, we have many examples that we would like to show you and that show that nothing is impossible if we are constant and what are the results of the effort and enjoy the job well done.

According to the Statistical Bulletin of the Ministry of Development, the city of Barcelona closed the last edition with almost eighteen thousand real estate transactions and these have already seen an increase since the beginning of spring. The health of the real estate sector is now unquestionable and transmits increasing confidence in local and international markets. It is therefore now the most propitious time to sell or buy a property.

85% of citizens prefer home ownership, and in many cases the price of the mortgage is often below the rental price.


The [DOGC] Official Diary of the Catalonia Government recently issued a decree law on urgent measures to contain the rental price, which would take effect in late May.

The decree, which was presented by the Minister of Justice, Ester Capella, and the one of Territory and Sustainability, Damià Calvet, initially will only affect the new contracts and not immediately, since it will first require that the Regional Ministry qualifies to a municipality or its neighborhoods as “tense housing market zones” (in relation to the speculation of the housing price) for the purposes of the real estate market or, in the municipality of Barcelona, by the City Council itself.

Although the decree has aroused mixed opinions among proponents and detractors, the origin of this initiative aims to promote a balance in terms of the price of appraisals and the reality of the market. That is, rental prices are objective in relation to the real characteristics of what is offered and not as simply a business opportunity.

The application of the new regulatory law has created a momentary rebound effect that has caused the cancellation of many transactions pending their development and how the CPI will affect the price update.

It is expected, however, having saved the preliminary inconveniences, a climate more adapted to the new regulations for early summer during the peak occupation season. In the long run, the decree should encourage greater fluidity between both parties, owner and tenant in that the price favors the offer and is more attractive to the buyer.


La CLAU group makes available to anyone wishing to make their queries, different online tools and more than twenty real estate advisers distributed between our offices in Sitges, Barcelona and Andorra.

During these last three decades we have answered many questions and resolved all kinds of doubts. Our restless and proactive personality, in constant training and nonconformist spirit helps us every day to touch the excellence. The illusions of our customers to improve their quality of life and acquire a new home, conveys in us a high sense of responsibility.

If, as happens to us, you love life in Barcelona, you are in the right place and in good hands. We have the resources, contacts and tools you need to make your dreams come true. Challenges help us grow, so why do not you tell us yours? At La CLAU group we would love to help you.

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