Mistakes that you should avoid if you want to sell a house

The reactivation of the real estate market has generated that many owners can see at last see a viable way out to sell a house that had been on the exit ramp for some time. The low demand of recent years made it very difficult to find a buyer, especially in the hardest years of the crisis. While at present, with the housing sector regaining all its strength, everything seemed to indicate the return of happier times, which despite the good omens, have not arrived in full yet.

There is no doubt that the real estate market has improved, but unfortunately, not to the same extent everywhere. While the sale of flats in Sitges, Seville, Castelldefels, Barcelona, Marbella, Madrid, Benidorm and other cities with a consolidated tourist value grows like foam, in other places, growth is following (as is logical) a slower rhythm which has a very simple explanation.

The demand has grown so much that many have taken advantage of this rise to try to sell properties, and the offer has multiplied over any expectations. While before it was difficult to sell due to the lack of buyers, now the difficulty lies in the uncountable offer that has been created, in which highlighting an estate is an arduous task. Therefore, despite the considerable increase in the number of buyers, selling a house is still a mission with not too many success options.

So if you are waiting to know the best tips that will help you close an operation, we already tell you that these do not exist. We are sorry to tell you that beyond the obvious, there is nothing that increases your chances of selling.

How to sell a house and not die trying?

Contrary to what you can hear or read elsewhere, there is no trick beyond obeying the laws of the market so that you can sell your property. On the other hand, there are common mistakes that reduce our chances of closing an operation. In many cases, these failures are committed without the injured themselves realize, but so that this doesn’t happen to you, here we have compiled a list so you have in mind what not to do when trying to sell a house.

Inflate the price

Recently a study was published that affirmed, with official data, that the owners inflated the value of their properties by 20% on average when putting them in the real estate display. In cities of great demand such as those mentioned above, it is possible that even so, you will find a desperate buyer, but if your market is smaller, do not be so bold and adapt to the laws of supply and demand in your surroundings.

Remember: nothing scares a buyer more than an expensive price.

Do not remove personal items

In the sale of second-hand houses there is a clear premise over any other:

it has to give the feeling that no one has ever lived there before.

One of the major failures that is committed when trying to sell a house is to make a photo gallery of it and not remove pictures or personal objects that occupy the space of the house. It may seem silly, but not doing this can cause a bad first impression of an interested party, and in that case, you can say goodbye to any probability of selling your home.

An example? This house for sale in Calafell:

Being exclusive when publishing offers

Do not be a sybaritic salesman and publish in every each portal, both the specialized in the real estate sector as the generalists, where a large number of buyers look for a flat. Think about this: if you do not try your best, there’s surely someone (possibly whose house for sale is better than yours) doing it. Do not forget to be honest with yourself, if you do not have time (or prefer to spend it on other matters), hire a real estate agency and both the agency and you will win.

Having the house in poor condition

In the sale of houses, this error is truly serious. Let’s say that you are one of those privileged people who have got the call of a potential buyer to arrange a visit to the flat (and without the help of a real estate agent!). What should be a practically safe sale can go to ruin if you do not check the property. Make sure that everything is in order, that there are no defects, dirt stains, and furniture in poor condition … In particular, any careless aesthetic or hygienic issues in the kitchen and especially in the toilet can greatly penalize any pretension to sell a house. So keep an eye on this if you do not want to lose a sale when you have it in your own hands.

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