Minimalist in your home means well-being

Has it ever happened to you that when you got home tired after work, you wanted to run away because of the mess you found?

Most of us would prefer to have a tidier home but we always make excuses like we don’t have time to do it. Or better yet, “it’s not that messy either”

Science has shown that the disorder at home increases our stress levels, preventing us from relaxing due to the large number of stimuli there are.

When we decide to order our possessions, organizing what we need and what we don’t, we fall into the weakness of believing ourselves more attached to things than we really are. With clothes we tend to think that fashion always comes back and we do not want to get rid of the jeans that accompanied us to that concert, … although our size no longer corresponds to that of that time.

It is so difficult to create harmony and order that books have been written, recorded television series and more and more people make a living in this sector.

But if you want to start ordering your home, follow these steps:

Clothes you don’t use

Go to your closet, empty it on the bed and put in the closet only the clothes you have worn in the last 12 months. The rest, you can put it on sale in second-hand apps or donate it to a charity.

We do not recommend that you reduce your closet like that of the creator of Facebook who only saw blue jeans and gray shirts but that you keep the clothes you like, it suits you and you wear it daily. You will look better and free your mind by not having to deal with so many options.

Kitchen appliances that you don’t even know how to use

An advertising catalog in the mailbox, a program where celebrities cook, children dreaming of becoming the kings of pastry, … is it familiar?

Most of our kitchens are full of things we never use. We may keep a large paella pan to bring the family together, but perhaps there are small kitchen gadgets that you bought on impulse and have never used. Did you buy a refrigerator without considering that you never drink ice cream at home? If you have forgotten that you have some kitchen utensils, it is a good time to put them on sale and gain space in your cupboards. The daily use of your kitchen will be more comfortable and everything will have its place.

We keep the old one in case the new one breaks

What led you to buy a new vacuum cleaner or a new hair dryer? Maybe the ones you had before were not as powerful or stopped working well. If you made the decision to buy a new one, with better features and that works perfectly, get rid of the old one. It makes no sense to save something in case you need to use it in a few years. Do you really think that if you don’t use it now you will do it in 3 years? Gain space by simplifying your life.

Expired Products

Expired medications are stored in almost every home. This is because when we get sick we buy the box, which is not always consumed whole. We keep it and when we get sick again we buy new medicines. If you have expired medications at home, take them to the nearest pharmacy, they are chemical compounds that should not be thrown in the trash.

In the case of cosmetics, the accumulation of bottles and bottles of expired products is also quite frequent. Most cosmetics must be used before 12 months since they are opened. Check your closets in search of the sunscreen of several summers ago, the hair foam of when you wore another hairstyle, creams, masks, etc.

Take some time this weekend to free your home from everything unnecessary. You will gain space, save time in decisions and it will be easier to find what you really use. It has cost you a lot to find your home, follow these tips and enjoy your home to the fullest, relax and value the small details.

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