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Sitges is growing and with it real estate opportunities also grow. The physiognomy of cities, especially those of the coast and regardless of their size, often becomes more flexible by shrinking or expanding at will as a living being that beats life and intense activity.

In the case of Sitges, that geographical and cosmopolitan beat extends to new neighborhoods, the reconstruction of new spaces and other structural changes.

Sitges is a city with a soul of people, of traditions, of the friendly greeting in the street, and the refreshment of noon. Each change is observed with great expectation and many of them are related to new homes. Where there used to be a single-family house, now a building with half a dozen houses is built, or perhaps some more.

In these cases, exchanges are very frequent. The owners of a house that has already completed its life cycle assign the property rights of the space it occupies and the permits to tear down a property that is no longer habitable and in a private agreement acquire several newly built homes. An exchange.

The concept is simple, it is an exchange without any payment except exceptions.

If we go to the main source, the Civil Code, we will find a brief definition of the swap from article 1.538: “The exchange is a contract by which each of the contractors is obligated to give one thing to receive another.”

It is therefore a contract for the exchange of real estate and not money.


The details of an exchange or exchange can leave many threads loose unless care is taken to the last detail. In our real estate agency Fincas la CLAU has almost 40 years of experience in all kinds of real estate transactions, we know how important it is to leave everything well written in writing. Our advice is to do so even if the exchange is between members of the same family. The written record of an agreement is not a sign of distrust, but a guarantee of trust in which both parties undertake to fulfill their commitment. The details are everything and that is why the agreements that we write in Fincas la CLAU does not have small print, but this is perfectly legible and is not signed until it is read as many times as necessary and modified.

If you are the owner of a house that you do not see practical to restore or of a building plot (according to the land qualification laws) and wish to sell it or exchange it for a new work, do not hesitate to contact us. Fincas la CLAU has a wide portfolio of developers and builders who can revalue all building land. They are teams of professional construction experts very involved in their profession and careful with the finishes.

Call us today and discover a world of possibilities.

Now it is no longer necessary to hire a dozen industrials, with just one call we offer you integral services renovation and decoration services. The famous three in one coordinated from our offices in Sitges, Barcelona or Andorra.


As in all stories, it is always better to start at the beginning, that is, the space in which the new homes will be built. It must be assessed and that the valuation of the old house and the construction land be comparable to the new or new homes to be built.

Is it free of economic charges, mortgages, services or municipal taxes, for example?

How does it appear in the property register?

What work permits will be necessary. The Major Work License, where to request the documentation and how much can they cost us?

How much will it cost to tear down the old house, remove the rubble and prepare the land, how to apply for a License to install a tower crane?

Will the services of a notary be necessary?

There are several taxes that can affect this type of real estate transactions and it is good that we know:

The Tax on Property Transfers, which is 7%, and Documented Legal Acts, which affects both parties, when two simultaneous taxable events occur (VAT is not applied because it is assumed that both parties are not businessmen).

The Tax on the Increase in the Value of Urban Nature Assets, better known as Municipal Capital Gain, a municipal tax that taxes the increase in the value of urban land that is recorded in the exchange contract.

Capital gain or loss in personal income tax. The basis on which to apply this tax is the difference between the acquisition value of the asset that is transmitted and the value that has been taken for the purpose of the exchange, with the corresponding management costs.


Fincas la CLAU offers you a proven quality management service. Our legal department, La CLAU Jurídic, can help you in all kinds of procedures and all types of legal consultations in real estate law.

The rights and interests of our clients are important and priority for us and that is why for years we have implemented a legal department that would allow us to successfully achieve all the management of sale, rental, and all kinds of real estate modalities and products as in this case the swaps It is a dedicated and exclusively active group to guarantee and protect your rights and real estate.

Do you want to ask a question? We will be happy to assist you at Fincas la CLAU.

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