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Find investment projects easily with Fincas La Clau

Fincas La Clau offers investment options thanks to a crowdfunding platform that allows creators and developers to meet with possible investors. Through this app, investors can access a vast catalog of real estate projects with high-profit possibilities that have been endorsed by up to three companies. Once an investor injects capital in one of these projects through an Equity investment, they become partners to the new society.

In Fincas La Clau we offer investors an easy and practical tool that will allow them to share their capital between several projects, spreading out the investment risks thanks to the offer variety. For developers, this is an easy way to find flexible and constant funding, that will allow them to develop and carry out their real estate projects.

How does it work?

Creators are high profile developers with vast experience in real estate. They present their projects to be assessed and shown through this app. Signing into this platform, possible investors can browse each project’s catalog, which allows them to go through all the information and choose which one they want to invest in.


This one is an easy to use app that allows you to explore different projects, so you can analyze their features and assess them before deciding to invest in them. It also offers a help center that broadcasts videos and information for investors. After studying every project, it is easier for investors to assess how much capital to inject in the company created to develop the project.


This platform allows investors to put their capital in several projects at once, making it possible for them to spread out their money and reduce the investment risks. In Fincas La Clau we want to offer investors the tools to diversify and invest small amounts in different real estate projects.


This platform is approved by the Nacional Stock Market Commission (CNMV), and it also has a payArea licensed by el Banco de España (Bank of Spain).


Fincas La Clau offers, through this platform, the possibility to explore every project’s features and assess which ones are best for each investor. This way, investors get access to high-profit investment opportunities often.

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