I’m in love with this house

Although the phrase of the announcement has given rise to all kinds of gifs, memes and comments, the truth is that sometimes it is difficult for us to part with a house that until now has been our only home. That of laughter, books, movie evenings and the occasional gastronomic day among friends. To which we returned every day from work, school or the street to take refuge from the voracity of the days and the natural wear of things.

“I am in love with this house, I chain myself in this same room and I swallow the key”

It does not cease to have its grace that the spot of a well-known brand of pizzas leads us through the tortuous conversation between a father and his twelve-year-old daughter about the inconvenience of a move. However, many times the transfer is inevitable: a new work destination, a change of personal or family circumstances, the reasons can be diverse. However, we have good news: in the real estate group The CLAU group has the house that will help you adapt and leave the dislikes of the transfer behind. We wish you could be In Love with our real estate agency and definitely forget all the headaches that accompany a move.

Another example is found in the movie Karate Kid [2010]. Dre Parker, a boy who lives in Detroit looks at his room for the last time and the lines or dates on the doorframe that indicate how much he has grown in recent years. On this occasion his mother moves for work reasons nothing less than to China. The child’s dramatic disgust is transmitted to everyone who saw the movie.

A new neighborhood full of people we don’t know. In a way this is what some want, start over somewhere else. With an open mind to a new opportunity.


From the first moment, the zero minute in which someone contacts us to buy or rent a new property, our team focuses on one goal: fluency.

A fluid and transparent management in which nothing suffers and in which the fact of leaving your place of origin to settle in a new destination is considered as an enriching experience or an opportunity to grow and expand new perspectives.

In La CLAU group we have offices in Sitges, Barcelona and Andorra with a large database of houses and flats throughout the Catalan geography. But what is much more important, we have a large group of advisors who will be personally interested in you and your housing needs. That will guide and accompany you throughout the process of choosing and buying until your goals are realized. Very soon you will look back and everything will have become a simple anecdote.

After 37 years in the real estate world, we could say that we have practically traveled most of the way and we sincerely wish that all our experience and ability to solve some problems is an extremely useful tool in the hands of our clients.

Recently, our group attended a training given by a real estate coach in a prestigious hotel in Sitges. Our team continues to train, adapting to the market and the needs of our customers. We no longer use Cervantes language; the world moves quickly and communication tools are increasingly effective. We have never thought that we already knew everything, because what interested our clients until a few weeks ago, now is no longer a trend and to be informed of where the waters move, although it represents a chameleonic effort of adaptation and of deep interest, in The fund is what helps us to continue improving and offer what really interests the buyer.

The changes have stopped frightening us and as in the case of a move, we have adopted the attitude of turning concerns into opportunities.


Regardless of its size and characteristics, we can usually opt for quality housing, very close to the beach and in a town that has enchanted most of its visitors for centuries.

We not only have homes in the urban center, more exciting and cosmopolitan, but others in quieter places where you will say: “you hear it, it’s silence.”

We have not met anyone who when we say where we live does not recognize us that we are very fortunate to enjoy a place like Sitges.


When you trust the purchase, sale or rental of a house in La CLAU group, you can enjoy the opportunity to spread your offer among all our associated real estate agents and collaborators, so that your proposal appears on a multitude of digital platforms, all of them at the same price and exponentially multiplying the opportunities that many people are interested in your multi exclusive offer.

There are currently more than 360 agencies collaborating with us, so that everyone can see what is being sold or bought and significantly shorten the waiting time.

Visit us at our offices, we have a lot to tell you.

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