How to prepare your house for the holidays

Summer is synonymous of holidays. If you are thinking of giving yourself a getaway, from our Fincas La Clau real estate agency, we are going to give you some tips to prepare your house before going on vacation. So that after your return you will not find any surprises.

Some tips:

  • The first thing is cleaning: it is essential to leave the house clean, in particular, the fridge, which must be kept as empty as possible to avoid the accumulation of fungi or to rot or spoil the food, as well as removing all the garbage and recycling that there is.
  • Make sure you close windows and doors:it is essential to check that all windows and doors are closed, especially if they open onto an interior patio or terrace that is susceptible to burglars. Regarding the blinds, it is best to leave them halfway so that there are no clues that the house is empty.
  • Light and electricity: make sure to leave all the appliances turned off, even those that we normally leave in stand-by to avoid that they continue consuming energy during our absence, also, make sure to turn off all the taps as well as the stopcock to avoid leaks.
  • Try to have movement in the house: well by notifying someone you trust to come into the house in our absence and take the opportunity to collect the letters from the mailbox, water the plants, etc., in short, to see that there is movement in the house. If not, you can install blinds and appliances that work through applications and that can be controlled from a smartphone, which we can manage ourselves.
  • Avoid giving information on social networks: it is a very common mistake to leave information on certain social networks about where we are going, where we are or how long we are going to be away, and that can be used by any hacker or thief to enter our house.

If you follow all these tips, you will have a good vacation and you will not have any problems when you return.

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