How to improve the energy efficiency of your home and sell better

Energy efficiency at home not only helps us to reduce the electricity bill and to better sell a home, but we also help with the sustainability of the planet.

Although each home has its own characteristics and needs, there are certain changes and gestures that can be made to achieve a positive impact on the environment and to maximize energy savings in our home.

At Fincas La Clau we give you the keys to improve the energy efficiency of your home and be able to get a better price when selling it.

Home improvements to optimize energy efficiency

Energy efficiency can be defined as optimizing the use of energy to reduce costs. That is, to be able to carry out the same activities in our home using minimal energy.

Among the improvements that can be made in a home to optimize energy efficiency we find:

Get good thermal insulation

Thermal insulation in a building is one of the main causes of energy waste. Most people are not aware of the energy expenditure that is wasted through windows, doors or ceilings, therefore, a review of all these elements must be carried out to improve economic efficiency, with which it can be achieved energy savings of up to 50%.

Use air conditioning and heating efficiently

When we achieve a good thermal insulation of our home, it is possible to filter the cold of winter and absorb part of the heat of summer, which helps to use both heating and air conditioning in a more reduced way.

In addition to this, it is important to have a constant temperature both in winter and in summer, with the use of thermostats, which automatically regulate all rooms and avoiding the use of appliances in those rooms that are empty.

Take advantage of household resources

To contribute to energy savings, we must use the small resources that we have in our home every day, such as the use of blinds that in winter must be raised to take advantage of sunlight and in summer down to avoid the darkest hours. hot. We also have to use the different textiles (curtains, blankets, etc.), depending on the time of year, to improve the feeling of freshness or warmth, depending on the outside temperature.

Put LED lights for lighting

LED lights are the most sustainable in terms of lighting, and although they may be more expensive at first, in the long run, they have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs and help us save energy.

Use energy-efficient appliances and control electronic devices

The electrical appliances bring with them an energy label where we can check if they are really efficient, the best thing is to bet on those who will help us control the electricity bill. Also, we have to get in the habit of turning off all electronic devices completely to avoid wasting energy.

Advantages of energy efficiency at home when selling

One way to recognize if our home is energy efficient is through the energy certificate, which is a document that shows the energy consumption of a home, as well as CO2 emissions and which is mandatory since 2013 to be able to rent or sell a property.

At present, there are already many buyers who look at the level of consumption of a home before deciding to acquire that property, since they know that the more efficient a home is, the lower the bills will be.

Likewise, a home with a good energy rating has the possibility of being financed through a Green Mortgage, which is precisely the one that rewards with a lower interest rate the homes that are more sustainable.

Therefore, if you want to add value to your property to be able to rent it or sell it at a better price, it is interesting to control energy consumption and improve efficiency.