Home Staging: technique and strategy to sell your property

Today the term Home Staging is heard a lot, perhaps you still do not know what it is about or why in the real estate world it is already a trend. Well, at Fincas La Clau we want to tell you a little about this technique and its functions, a strategy that in modern times helps us to sell your home in less time and with the highest profitability.

Home Staging became fashionable in the 30s in the United States and is currently a trend that has been imported to Europe and that reaches Spain as a result of the construction crisis, where the real estate market offered a wide portfolio of properties and few future buyers.

Its objective is, through a series of well-defined techniques, to get the most out of a property that is for rent or sale. The established process improves and shows the best image of the house, with the intention of conquering the potential buyer or tenant and selling the house faster.

Home-staging techniques should not be confused with interior decoration, since the decoration, in itself, seeks to achieve an aesthetic and very personal design, according to the style of the owner of the house. Not so home staging, whose main objective is to depersonalize the house so that it reaches a greater number of clients. This is achieved by showing the house as neutral as possible.

Faced with this mechanism, the role of the homestager is essential, who will be in charge of making all the pertinent changes.

Changes in favor of the housing

Home staging techniques do not imply making major reforms or investments in your home. It adapts to each case. Some of the most important changes and modifications are:

Depersonalize the house: With a few simple changes in the furniture, in the organization of the space, in the decoration and in the presentation of the house, we will be able to eliminate that part of the decoration so personal that we have at home to show a more neutral, impersonal house and timeless; where the client who arrives can be seen living there.

Rearrange and paint: it is best to paint the whole house again, if possible in light colors; as these add visual openness to the space. In addition, it is important to reorganize the furniture that we have, removing those that are more deteriorated and take up too much space. The objective is to leave the house as clear as possible to give a feeling of spaciousness.

Also, change old furniture, appliances, faucets and worn details for renewed ones. These changes will make the home look better.

90% of buyers can’t imagine the potential of your home if they don’t see it. It is up to you to help them see the best side of the place.

• Everything clean and organized:This is a golden rule: the house has to be pristineand of course neat. Home staging creates open, organized, comfortable, clean, fresh, well-lit spaces with a pleasant atmosphere that make it easier for the potential buyer to make a decision in the first ninety seconds. Of course, a decision that is the most advantageous for you.


• A home that has gone through a home stagingprocess before and after, gains in number of visits and in speed of sale or rent at the best possible price, since it leaves very few points on which to negotiate.

• As a general rule, home staging increases the value of your home.

• The result of home staging is neutral environments, which invite you to enjoy them as your own from the first moment of the visit or online view.

• It is an added value for your home, a sentimental value for whoever sees it. In times of real estate crisis, it is essential to add value to your home so that whoever enters it, feels at home.

• Make your home stand out compared to other homes for sale or rent in the same area.

• A prepared house receives many more visitors than an unprepared one.

• Showing good photos of your home will make it stand out among all its competition, taking into account that the percentage of home searches is higher online than offline.

It is time to achieve your goal. If what you want is to sell or rent your home, at La Clau we can help you and apply cutting-edge techniques to achieve the sale or rental of your property in the shortest time possible. Contact us.