Don’t argue with your partner when buying a home

Buying a home is exciting, from the moment you start looking over the web, strolling the streets on Sundays looking for posters for sale, imagining the ideal home, calculating how much you could spend,… even calling La Clau so that you let’s help buy a home. For most people, buying a home is the biggest investment of their life and therefore it should be a pleasant process but it is a source of discussion for many couples.

Before you start sending links and images to your partner, you need to have a conversation about the purchase process and how much you can spend.

Although we do not usually talk much about money, if you are determined to buy a home with your partner, it is necessary to address this issue, not only the salary, but investment prospects and the maximum amount to dedicate to the home. Having this conversation before starting the search will make the purchase more fluid, productive and, above all, without arguments for the couple.

We are talking about a house and it may sound crazy but it is time to talk about children. How many rooms will you want in your new home? Or if this point is not clear, you should consider whether it is a home purchase for life or only for the next few years.

In which area would you like to live?

It may be that one of the members of the couple prefers being close to their work and that another prefers an urbanization on the outskirts to lead a more peaceful life. Whatever the choice, it should be clarified at first and close the sale to a specific area with the services that you consider essential.

What are you willing to compromise on?

In a couple it grows because both parties make concessions, for a house it will not be as simple as choosing Japanese or traditional to go out to dinner. A very permissive concession in the purchase of a home can have a negative impact on life together. Make clear what is essential for you in a home: terrace, own bathroom, large closet, closed kitchen, … It will be necessary to negotiate and put on the table the wishes of each to find the home that fits the needs of your partner.

When you are clear about what you need in a home, it will be time to call your real estate agent to help you calculate the costs of the home, to advise you on the areas and possible improvements to them, as well as to show you the homes that best fit your needs. Knowing what you are looking for, it will be much easier not to miss opportunities for properties that last a very short time in the market.

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