Do you want to buy a second home? Make your investment, it’s time

Although the past year was full of strong changes that caught us by surprise, it also left positive lessons for our way of living and now we see our home in a different way. Thanks to teleworking and the need to have more open spaces on our property, we have noticed that the trend of buying a second home is regaining strength, something that has not been seen since 2017.

Acquiring a second residence, between nationals and foreigners, has a new boom in our country, both in the coastal areas, which are the first choice, and in different Autonomous Communities. Both types of clients want to have large spaces with gardens, terraces and various options to share with friends and family; it is also necessary that they be located in quiet places, away from city stress.

Interest in the real estate market increases

During this year 2021, a moderate recovery has been seen, with a good tendency to increase; Spaniards want to buy or rent a second home, to be able to get away from the cities and their fast pace.

Among the great advantages obtained by the changes resulting from the pandemic, is the increase in teleworking, which brings flexibility to working hours, allowing to alternate between the two available homes. The set of these factors implies that the owners expand their patrimony.

The interest in acquiring a second home also attracts foreigners, with the Balearic Islands being the most desirable, followed by the entire Mediterranean coast. Teleworking is the reason for this impulse in foreign investment, since the buyer hopes to find comfortable environments with all the services that allow him to develop his activities.

There is also need to improve

There is no doubt that there are many good aspects in the changes experienced, but there are also points that must be improved. After the crisis that occurred in 2008, the promoter activity has decreased in the amount of supply in the market. In 2019 it had a rebound, but it fell again during 2020. With these data it is known that the existing stock is already sold, therefore, in many areas there is a shortage of supply of new housing, mainly for multi-family housing .

If you are interested in investing in a second home, contact us, at Fincas La Clau we offer you a varied offer.