Choice of business premises in sitges

Experts say that starting your own business is almost as rewarding as publishing a book or waiting for your first child.

After a deep economic and market study, a wide opinion poll, and then a rigorous quality control, website and networks, comes the exciting moment to launch our product or business model. There is only one more thing left, the choice of place, and in this, we can help you. At the beginning you have to play many keys to tune the piano, and all the beginnings are difficult, so that having the expert of La CLAU group can be the difference between achieving success, or just the opposite.

Before immersing ourselves in this exciting world of choosing a location in Sitges, we will stop to establish the foundations of a heart rate monitor: what kind of premises have more possibilities? What premises are being rented at this time in Sitges?

Orientation, communication or style can be decisive. Possibly remember the old anecdote of the two bars in opposite corners of the street, one in front of the other. They served practically the same products, the suppliers distributed to both the same brands of coffee, charcuterie, liquor and even the bread was from the same baker, however, one was always full of customers, and in the other, no one entered. The answer to this mystery came unexpectedly: one corner of the street was oriented to the sun and the other to the shade. Clients enjoyed more of a sun-drenched terrace than a grim one, even if they served the same beer.

In the search of a commercial premises, different factors intervene, and as we have just seen, its location can be decisive. Sitges fluctuates every year hundreds of places of all kinds in terms of size and characteristics, it would be very difficult to visit them all, but in La CLAU group we can create a profile with which to work more efficiently. For example, if we are going to sell a consumer product, perhaps a more central location can help us boost our brand, instead if it is a management office, in this case customers will come, even if we are not installed in a street most crowded. Another factor that must be taken into account is the volume, size and diversity of our products. For example, selling electric cigarettes is not the same as pet food and accessories. In the first case, it is not necessary to have a room that is too big, but with good contact to the exterior (windows, sideboards, adequate lighting and furniture in light colors, almost white). In the second option we will need more breadth for sacks of feed and terrarium sands for example.

In La CLAU group we have advisors who can help you in the design and optimization of environments. In our database we can find a considerable variety of premises that meet all the conditions to promote a new commercial project.

According to the data published in the Real Estate Observatory, investment in commercial premises soared during the year 2018 by 70%, a figure that in turn was confirmed by the commercial real estate agency Cushman & Wakefield. On the other hand, the Institute of Statistics of Catalonia [IDESCAT] reports that the population of Sitges is currently 28,969 inhabitants, however, the commercial appearance of our municipality has changed a lot in recent years.

The local newspaper [L ‘Eco de Sitges] collected the concern of many businessmen to recover the quality of the trade of unique products and proximity in the center of the town. It is known that, for some time, some traditional businesses with a long history have closed for various reasons; personal, economic or social. For example, the trend and habits of many users have led to the disappearance of all Sitges bookstores, new digital formats, piracy, the lack of interest in reading on traditional supports, and the closing of many book selling points, but also movies and music, the great favorites of the 80s. Despite this, the real estate sector is in good health and the forecasts are increasingly optimistic, especially for those who start and see a clear business opportunity where other products They have finished their life cycle.

If you own business premises and want to rent it, or you hold an activity license and want to transfer your business, do not hesitate to contact our team of advisors.

The complex management of real estate transactions, in terms of the assignment of properties and all the regulations of local bodies in the concession, extension or change of ownership of the activity license encourages us to recommend our future customers to trust in us, in all our knowledge and resources to accompany them throughout the purchase process.

The sale, rental or transfer of premises for commercial purposes entails some challenges and difficulties for which a deep knowledge of legislative, contractual and administrative management matters is necessary to allow a good defense of the interests of the different parties involved in the operation.
In this sense, La Clau group has extensive experience in all types of transactions, we would like to be part of your dream and see your business grow.

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