change the bathtub for a shower

Do you need to change the bathtub for a shower tray? Do you want to give a more current touch to your bathroom area?

You are in the right place. In our department of design, decoration and integral reforms: La CLAU Deco & Reforms of La CLAU group have the most qualified staff and the best prices. We take care of everything, from requesting and processing all the necessary permits to designing and executing the work.

Our main objective is to offer our clients a fast, professional and top-quality service, for that reason we put at your service, a solid human team, with a wide experience in the sector. Times have changed and also our needs, new techniques, designs and materials have been developed and that is why all our team is in constant training and focused on the real needs of our customers, as well as their interest to quickly implement everything they have learned.


Not every day we have enough time for the mythical foam bath, that of the movies with candles and rose petals that appear floating on the water. We have become a more pragmatic society that flees from the superficial.

The hygiene of a shower is greater than that of a bathtub and the use of water is better controlled. It is not the same to be immersed in the dirt of a bathroom, to let the water run, to move and drag that dirt without it floating around us.

People of a certain age or reduced mobility appreciate having greater freedom of access to the bathing area without barriers and the difficulty of entering a bathtub. Maybe at this time we do not want to think about something like that, but life is heading in one direction, forward, always marked by the passage of time and unforeseen events. Circumstances often change without us being able to do anything to prevent it, however, when we are proactive and anticipate events, our health and well-being are appreciated.

On the other hand, we are increasingly aware of the need to save water, not only because it positively affects our domestic economy, but because from a sense of preservation of nature and ecology, water can be a scarce resource. The climatic alterations that we are suffering, since it hardly rains, have caused shortages of water in many municipalities. At this time the water stored in Catalonia is at -36% below its hydrological capacity. The use of the bathtub, from a point of view of consumption is not sustainable, because much water is wasted, a shower of 10 minutes generates a consumption of 100 liters of water, instead the water cost for a conventional bathtub is 230 liters.

Four years ago, during an interview with the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, King Gustav of Sweden proposed banning bathtubs in the country for ecological reasons. The declaration caused much commotion, but the declaration still generates great controversy at the international level.


Of course, when we talk about a shower we do not talk about a plate and a tap in the pure style of Hitchcock in Psycho. The world of showers has evolved to much more sophisticated versions and new concepts of hygiene. The designs, materials and accessories now make the shower the star element of our bathroom or sink.

In these moments, the showers give a lot of play. It is possible to install a rain effect system from the ceiling. Closures of tempered glass partitions and shower columns with adjustable jet jets or water spray, a real spa in your own home. All this in a watertight cabin with non-slip wooden floors, exposed stone walls, relaxing lighting based on the chromotherapy concepts and a whole world of accessories that will make us definitely forget the bathtub.

Some showers are inspired by nature, where the water flows like a relaxing and refreshing rain. This type of installation has larger shower heads. There are straight or rounded lines, the size, which is larger than usual, allows more small trickles of water that recreate the rainwater when it comes off the clouds.


In La CLAU Deco & Reforms, when we talk about integral services of design and reform, we refer to hiring all the industrialists: plumbers, masons, carpenters, painters, electricians …, centralized in one place, in La CLAU of the reforms.

We are not an experimental team; we have been dedicated to this for more than thirty years and the satisfaction of our customers for the good results supports us.

The modern and current designs of the bathroom allow us to create pleasant and relaxing spaces with environments that invite harmony and the regeneration of calm. The stressful routine of each day wears our emotions to the point of exhaustion, what we propose in La CLAU group is to restore the peace and well-being that we need through tools and resources that are effective.

Visit us in our offices in Sitges, Barcelona or Andorra. Contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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