Barcelona and the parties of the neighborhoods

Marcè Rodoreda’s well-known play, “La plaça del diamant” speaks among other things about life in the neighborhoods, in this case during the second republic, an era that many of us have not known.

The neighborhoods, in the big cities like Barcelona, have grown remarkably, although originally, they offered a closer and more familiar atmosphere. That close environment in which everyone knew, helped and cared for others has always been the soul of a city. Today, when it seems that we have so many means to communicate, the truth is that the stressful daily routine and the dynamics of life tend to distance us.

However, there is one occasion a year when everything returns to its origins, and it is during the summer holidays.

Take as an example the parties of three neighborhoods: The festival of Gracia, The festival of Sants and The festival of the Gothic Quarter.


Before talking about these long-awaited summer parties, we must say that Sitges’s proximity to Barcelona and the varied means of transport that communicate both cities have significantly shortened cultural distances in terms of events and celebrations.

At La CLAU group, real estate agency we receive many visits from people who have made Sitges a very special neighborhood in Barcelona. Many of these citizens who work in Barcelona have chosen the quiet and picturesque Sitges as their place of residence.

In this sense, we are very pleased as real estate agents to facilitate the search and choice of housing. With more than thirty years in the sector of sale and rental of real estate, we can offer our clients an effective service and guarantee of success in all transactions.


 This is a party in which creativity and originality of the ornamental designs are rewarded with which all the main streets of the Gracia neighborhood are decorated. During that week, the whole neighborhood becomes a suggestive explosion of color and imagination in which all the neighbors collaborate. From August 15 to 21 of this year 2019,

At the end of July, the act of presentation of the Party of Gracia was celebrated in which the figure of the “Fadrí Fester” appears, something like the bachelor party, an iconic character during which it was created by the Foundation inspired by a member of the former “Colla de los Singteros”. According to the “Costumari Catalán” by Joan Amades, it was the group of young people who organized all the parties of Gracia. This is a very beloved character, cheerful and casual, who is accompanied by the Gegantons of the Mayor party of Gracia and a party of festeros and festeras with which he will tour the main squares of the Villa on the way to Virreina. During the passage of these parades, the entire party announces to the entire neighborhood that in less than a month it will be a major party and that the festive community is already prepared to wake up Gracia for a new major party. The result is that the entire neighborhood wakes up organizing all kinds of festive and cultural activities, gastronomy contests, dances, everyone, large and small, meet at this traditional neighborhood party.


During the second half of the month of August we can enjoy hilarious decorations of streets and squares decorated, popular meals at street level, music, dance, theater and endless entertaining activities to do with friends or with the family until late at night.

A large part of all the initiatives promoted by the entities have the purpose of spreading and preserving popular traditions and among which is the exhibition of Castellers, Correfocs (street show of fireworks and devils that throw fire), giants, big heads, concerts, dances, decorated street competitions, games, food, drinks and other activities.


The festivities of the Gothic quarter, known as the ‘Festes de Sant Roc’ [San Roque, in Spanish], date back to 1589 and for this reason were declared as Patrimonial Festival of National Interest, by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

With more than four centuries of history, San Roque or the festival of the Gothic quarter is the oldest in the city.

This year, the New Square Party Association pays tribute to the victims of the bombings of this part of the city during the civil war, so the celebration has two well-defined sections, the festive and the heritage. For this you can visit the exhibition “1938. The Cathedral district under the bombs” The exhibition is a visual tour of the events that were experienced in the neighborhood from 1936 to 1939. During this historical retrospective, the draft of the Poster of the Fiesta Mayor of the neighborhood, which should take place in August 1936 but that the war left suspended until 1939.


The neighborhoods still retain the spirit of the old community and its most emblematic celebrations testify.

That same feeling is collected in the homes we offer both for rent and sale for the neighborhoods of Sitges, Barcelona and even Andorra.

We would like to show you those small fragments that make a city so big, the people who live in the neighborhoods.

We would like to be able to assist you in our offices and show you all the offers we have at this time so that you also enjoy the environment that has made so many people love the place where they live.

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