Advantages of hiring home insurance

One of the most frequent uses of home insurance is due to the breakage of the ceramic hob, although most of us hire it for fear of the damages that we can cause to the neighbors due to a water leak. When we buy a home, we ask ourselves if we need home insurance, and although it is not mandatory, most people choose to hire it.

Home insurance does not only serve to protect the home itself, the continent, but also what we have inside, the content (jewelry, electronic devices, furniture, …)

But what most people don’t know, because we don’t read the fine print, is that clauses can be included in home insurance to be protected even when we are away from home.

What home insurance coverage protects you outside your home?

  • Robbery on the street: as long as it occurs with intimidation and is not an oversight, your home insurance could cover what you have been robbed, if those stolen items were in the list of the contents of the home in your insurance policy.
  • Replenishment of documents: in case of theft or robbery, many insurances cover the cost of re-getting your ID, driving license, etc.
  • Credit card expenses: if your credit card is stolen, you have 48 hours to cancel it and report the fact to the police, and your home insurance will cover the expenses incurred at that time.
  • Forgetting keys: an emergency locksmith is a very expensive service. Changing the lock when you forget or lose your keys is an expense that most insurance companies currently cover.
  • Pets: if it is not an animal of breed considered dangerous, the insurance will cover the damages that it causes.

Do you have home insurance? Some financial entities forced to contract a home insurance with them to grant the mortgage, nowadays it is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended to invest a small amount of money annually to earn in peace of mind in case you need it.

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