What are the advantages of having an Administrator in your Community of Owners?

Living in a community of owners, implies managing certain problems that may arise in the day-to-day life of a community, such as some necessary reforms in the property, managing the cleaning of the building or even dealing with conflicts that may appear between different neighbors, for that, holding the position of president of the community is not an easy task, in addition to requiring time that not everyone has.

For this reason, there are many communities of owners that decide to hire the services of an Administrator, since, although that monthly expense must be considered, the advantages of having a professional who can advise us on any issue, in the long run, it comes out more than profitable.

ü  Administrative advice:The Administrator is in charge of all the administrative procedures that a community of owners entails, such as the convening of the owners’ meetings, the drafting and approval of the minutes, the collection procedures for the receipts of the supplies, as well as of the community fees, the preparation of the annual budget of expenses and the annual settlement of expenses and income, etc.

ü  Management of any service or renovation that the community needs: the Administrator of the community of owners is responsible for managing any works or reform that the property needs, as well as the services it may require, such as cleaning or elevator services, etc.

ü  Legal advice:the Administrator can offer us specialized legal coverage in Horizontal Property, as well as administer and manage all the aid and subsidies to improve the property.

But above all, it is about that each and every one of the neighbors that make up the community have the security and tranquility that they can count on a professional for any problem or incident that may arise in the community.

At Fincas La Clau we offer the Homeowner Communities Administration service, which includes these and many more services, with the aim of offering solutions that facilitate community life, improve coexistence among neighbors and revalue their property.

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