Acquiring a commercial premises in Sitges

Summer has arrived and the town of Sitges boils with activity, the terraces, streets and beaches have been filled with people who visit us from all over the world. The general atmosphere is much more cheerful and optimistic, the warm sunlight illuminates everything and opens up new business opportunities and business expectations.

They say that success is reserved only for those who take risks. Some did so by investing in a new consumer product or innovative idea and it all started with a new commercial space. In Sitges, tapas restaurants, exclusive clothing and accessories, spare parts and latest developments in computer technology have always worked very well, or we may decide to bring to this international community something that is lacking at the moment: a coffee shop and agora for presentation of books, workshops and small auditorium of cultural conferences. Did you know that in Sitges there are up to 16 reading groups and that books only are sold in some kiosks?

Whatever our style, business model or project, Sitges is always a good investment, especially in spring and summer. New entrepreneurs always have a good acceptance, especially if their business style helps dignify and promote Sitges prestige.


In our real estate agency, La CLAU group we have offers of business transfers, premises for sale, rental, transfers, swaps and properties for commercial developments that we would like to show you. In different places, central, of all sizes and features to choose from.

Any operation related to the purchase, sale, rental or any transaction of a property requires advice that is professional and specialized. In La CLAU group we have experts who can guarantee a good operation without last-minute unpleasant surprises and who will manage all the necessary procedures that you need to give will to your projects. The administrative and legal procedures that accompany the acquisition of a commercial premises can be exhausting and erratic if we do not know well what are the procedures and the institutions that request them. So that we can enjoy the result of a fluid and effective work, it is better to delegate our efforts to professionals who effectively represent our interests.

With more than 30 years of experience in the real estate sector and having been pioneers in the use of new technologies, we have grown with the market and consolidated as a benchmark. Our consultants have adapted to the times and received the most up-to-date training to guarantee quality service at all times. La CLAU group, with offices in Sitges, Barcelona and Andorra are an indispensable option if you are looking for a place to set up your own business.


The city of Sitges has proven over the years to be a community open to all kinds of people regardless of their cultural backgrounds, race, tendency or sexual orientation. Here all kinds of events, of all colors and ideologies, take place. Our peaceful, tolerant and modern coexistence makes thousands of people feel comfortable and decide to stay. Hopefully this is your case! We can help you find your new business premises in Sitges.

We are proud of our people, of their lifestyle, quality and well-being and this drives us to love our work, because deep down what we are offering is what would also be good for us.

We can visit together all the premises that can fit in your project. It is much more effective to visit them personally and observe them within their environment.

Sitges is another world that attracts many people and that surprises favorably those who visit us for the first time. We only for its cultural legacy, beaches, streets and walks. Sitges captivates by the goodness of its climate and natural spaces, for its love for the sea, for the land and traditions, for its wide gastronomic offer and the light that has inspired so many artists of all times. But what attracts most of Sitges is the sense of opportunity. The possibility to start over, to open a business here, just thirty minutes from Barcelona and to expand our ideas, to materialize and grow in this place, the jewel of the Mediterranean.


During the time it is taking to read this article, we would already have the first offers of commercial stores on the table, do not let others snatch the right place to shape your dreams. Every great project begins with an idea, some of the most commercial and prosperous products began with a drawing on the napkin of a cafeteria. It doesn’t have to be something as complex as a DNA analysis, it can be something as simple as putting a stick to a candy and literally creating a production line that is multimillionaire today.

Ideas and dreams are only smoke if we don’t shape them. As the poet and playwright Calderón de la Barca said, “Life is a dream.” Do not let your life be just that, a set of unfulfilled dreams that time has already erased from your mind, from your will and desire. At La CLAU group we have specialized in making your dream come true. If your purpose has been from the beginning to launch a product that you consider useful, quality and even innovative, in addition to design, marketing, market research, computer support and advertising, you will need a physical place that is the face and eyes of your business. A commercial space where you can serve your first customers. We have that place. Don’t wait any longer and come see us.

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