100 years of terramar gardens Sitges

“In shadow and quiet the old parks, silent sidewalks, calmly dreams the statue of Love. There is no woman’s laughter or chords of cellos, nor are there poets who recite verses, but nevertheless, the memory seems to last of men and women who enjoyed them in gallant parties “.

The abandoned Garden in the work of Santiago Rusiñol

Lily Litvak. The University of Texas at Austin

The days, the weeks, the time in general happens very fast. Everything happens at great speed, so much, that sometimes we are not able to perceive it.

The past, and especially after a century, is something that always overwhelms us and that reminds us how insignificant we are before the immensity of a sea of ​​timeless memories that always reach us.

When we relive what was the disappeared Sitges or life before, we can not avoid thinking of all those people and places that made up the history of a people, today of international interest and universally known as a jewel of the Mediterranean.

In La CLAU group we know with all certainty that life in Sitges is not like in other places, it is rather an enriching cultural and vital experience, a valuable opportunity to feel happy and as far as possible, to touch happiness. Therefore, we are pleased to accompany our customers throughout the purchase process, share with them that important moment in their lives.


The gardens, of style noucentista, offer us the opportunity to disconnect with the hustle and bustle and enter a remote period in which the rush had no place. In the gardens we will discover fountains, paths, elements in stone and nature itself that always drives us to let our imagination fly and inspire us.

The park, built in the 1920s with the collaboration of artists and intellectuals such as Miquel Utrillo, is still today a unique space where we can stroll with our family and discover new landscapes or quiet corners that seem different, as if from a painting by Santiago Rusiñol.

Terramar, a toponym devised by Utrillo about the two main elements, the land and the sea that gave origin to our town. The park is an old garden that is currently part of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia.

In its beginnings, what is now known as the Terramar sector was the result of an initiative promoted by the financier Francesc Armengol i Duran, a textile industrialist from Sabadell who, in 1919, commissioned the project to develop the residential area with various equipment. The original project designed the layout of a high-level garden city. It would start with a careful infrastructure of streets, water supply, lighting, street furniture and that would include a Grand Casino, a sports field, an athenaeum with a library and an auditorium and several hotels. With time and as part of the project the building of Parque Hotel Terramar was built. The architectural design was entrusted to Josep María Martino, the municipal architect who had already built the slaughterhouse in 1920 or the Casa Josep Planas [1924], Villa Remei [1928], next to the railway station, Casa Antoni Almirall, Villa Candelaria, the new Casino Prado building, among others.


This phrase appears in one of the park’s stone benches, in others there are greetings or other phrases in several languages that invite you to sit down.

For the natural spaces the collaboration of the designer and garden designer José Artigas Vilas [Castellar del Vallés 1886 – 1962] was requested. During the development of the Paseo Maritimo in 1926, it was José Artigas who designed the original double cement benches decorated with tiles of different colors that are still preserved. The Terramar Palas Hotel was inaugurated in April 1933 with the assistance, among others, of Lluis Companys himself as President of the Catalan Parliament.


On the occasion of the Centennial of Terramar Gardens [1919 – 2019] an interesting program of activities has been published that begin in May and end in September 2019. The events include: exhibitions, cultural presentations on gastronomy, biodiversity, poetry, nightlife …, workshops and concerts. On Sunday, September 15, at 8:00 pm at the ME Terramar Hotel, the closing Centennial of the Garden City of Terramar will be held. During the event the subject will be addressed: Terramar: a reality for the Sitges of the 21st century. On the other hand, the Jardins Terramar Sitges 2019 Festival will take place from July 19 to August 4, 2019 with a large line-up of artists, including George Benson, Joan Baez and Rick Astley. This year’s Jardins Terramar Sitges Festival will continue with its previous trajectory and has different spaces such as the Auditorium, where the main artists of the poster, the Village and the Pop Up Terramar will perform, where performances by local groups, gastronomy area, will take place. artistic exhibitions, fashion and accessories…


In our real estate agency, La CLAU group we have homes for sale or for rent, of all sizes and characteristics, also in the residential sector of Terramar, exterior, with many rooms, pool, garden perfectly equipped and a few meters from the beach. Living near a park in its first hundred years of permanence conveys a pleasant sense of continuity. At a time in history when so many things are ephemeral and obsolete, from La CLAU we want to evoke the durability, the opportunity to feel our home here in this town that so many people have loved and that from the past we get their memory through all those who built so many elements for us to be happy.

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