Visit Sitges and surroundings: little known places that you should know

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Few tourist experiences are better in Spain than visit Sitges and surroundings. This area located south of Barcelona capital breathes that unmistakable Mediterranean aroma on its four sides. An incredible environment in which crystalline sea waters merge with dense vegetation and with spectacular and recondite cliffs.

These are idyllic scenes that seem to come from those summer announcements that make our teeth so long, and we resign ourselves to believing that we will never be able to live. Well, you better change your mind, because we assure you that if you visit Sitges, you will have at your disposal to enjoy those dream days that you thought were mere television fiction.

5 hidden corners that you should discover if you are going to visit Sitges and surroundings

There are incredible hidden treasures to see in Sitges. Its fame as a tourist destination is more than deserved. Its old town, its San Sebastian beach, the emblematic facade of the Church of San Bartolomé and Santa Tecla, its promenade … make up an incredible scenario, but what we will do in this article goes one step further. The objective of Fincas la Clau is to offer you an alternative guide of places of enormous interest but at the same time, very little known, and that will leave you with your mouth open.

We recommend that you go look for an apartment, because we are sure that with the plan that we offer you next, very soon you will visit this incredible town, and the best thing is that you will not regret doing it. It will exceed your expectations!

Terramar Gardens

When the good weather arrives, visiting the Terramar Gardens is one of those essential plans, whether you are a tourist or a neighbor looking for what to do today in Sitges. It is a tailor made park to enjoy a walk under the protection of the trees with the rays of sunlight entering timidly among the branches.

Jardins de Terramar, a walk that you can not miss.

Its romantic influence is present in the kiosks hidden inside the park, as well as in the fountain located in the heart of the park. In addition, the Terramar Gardens is the headquarters of a festival that bears the same name and is celebrated by the end of July in Sitges, and which fills the city with culture, music and gastronomy. Without a doubt it’s a great way to enjoy the park in a nocturnal atmosphere and very pleasant for all the senses. In case you’re interested, this year’s edition begins on July 20.

Platja Desenrocada

Also known as Cala dels Gegants, less than 100 meters long and about 15 meters wide, you can get an idea of the exclusivity of this beach with golden sand and calm, transparent and shallow waters with an incredible natural environment where the only mole is the proximity with the train tracks.

The cliffs covered with dense green vegetation on its summits give that hidden air to a cove whose access is not too complicated. The only problem is that it’s not signposted as such, but to get there you simply have to go on a path that follows the GR-92 (the Mediterranean path) from Platja de l’Home Mort, whose fateful name has nothing to do with its appearance, since it is another absolutely magical coastal corner (although somehow more crowded).

And in addition to the Platja Desenrocada, in this place you have 17 beaches, and one of the best plans to do in Sitges is to discover them and make a route and visit all of them.

The village of Garraf

In addition to naming the region to which Sitges belongs, Garraf is the name of a population center that is located north of the city and that is undoubtedly worth visiting. With less than 500 inhabitants, this small town of marked maritime and Mediterranean tradition has a spectacular charm. Located between the sea and the mountain, the houses of the fishermen, made of wood with that emblematic white color and green roofs, offer a panoramic that exudes attractive simplicity, especially if it is contemplated during one of its magical sunsets.

Going around every corner of the Garraf will only take you an afternoon, and you can visit the Bodegas Güell, a Neo-Gothic architecture (now converted into a restaurant) designed by the immortal Antoni Gaudí. Modernism could not be lacking in this little treasure of Barcelona’s coastline, and without a doubt, one of the places of interest in Sitges that you cannot miss.

Punta de les Coves

For lovers of adventure, Punta de les Coves is a place tailored for them. It is an archaeological site where Neanderthal remains were found recently. It is located on the coast of the Colls-Miralpeix mountain range, and formed by several marine caves, the most spectacular are the Cova del Gegant and the Cova dels Musclos, 60 and 20 meters long respectively.

Whenever the sea allows it, you can kayak or snorkel in this environment, although in the upper part there is a chasm from which you can access the Cova del Gegant, provided that you have a speleology team duly regulated to perform this activity.

The viewpoints of Garraf

The experience of visiting Sitges and surroundings just shows you that this incredible environment is much more than just beaches, and that to enjoy it, you do not always need to be in line with the sea. An example of this are the viewpoints located in the Garraf Natural Park, an excursion through it is one of the best options to enjoy the earthly paradise that surrounds the city, and much more.

And is that if we talk about things to see in Sitges, you cannot miss its wonderful panoramic with the sea in the background and its streets, roofs, etc. as best adornment possible. The viewpoints of the Garraf are like luxury boxes to contemplate these incredible views that will break your likes on Instagram. But above all, do not forget to enjoy this place beyond the mobile screen and one more last note: visit the Sakya Tashi Ling Monastery.

 Sakya Tashi Ling Monastery and Novella Palace, incredible places of Sitges.

Sakya Tashi Ling Monastery and Novella Palace, two magical places in the Sitges area.

Only a place so in tune with the environment, nature and tranquility as the Garraf Natural Park could house one of the most important Buddhist buildings in Europe. Also known as Palacio Novella, this is a totally different building site from what you will see in Sitges, and also located in the green lung of the city, it offers a sensation of contrast that, far from being a kind of goop in the middle of nature, embellishes the environment even more.

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