What is our rental administration service?

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The service of rentals administration of Fincas La Clau is one of the best considered of the sector in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. This may be only words for you; therefore, what better way to prove it to you than telling you everything we do and what we can offer you the rental administration service, which is not little?

What is the rental administration service?

The rental administration service consists of the management of all actions related to the rental of properties, whatever their type.

In other words, what we do is manage the lease of your property so that, once we have all the information, you do not have to do anything.

What we do for you is:

  • We analyze and review the occupation of the property as well as the income received and the expenses generated
  • Generate and collect the receipts from the tenants, reviewing and updating the rents when appropriate.
  • Manage guarantees and warrants, assuring their legality.
  • Carry out the maintenance of finances
  • Fidelize tenants.
  • Have control over the expiration of contracts.
  • Monitor the status of collections, manage defaults and control defaulters.
  • Take care that the properties have both preventive and corrective maintenance and we manage any incident.
  • Make annual budgets as well as their follow-up.
  • Receive the monthly liquidations of each property.
  • Guarantee payments using specific tools.

Benefits of the rental administration service


  • Pay extraordinary payments and fees.
  • We look for tenants related to your needs.
  • We advertise your property.
  • Manage lease agreements.
  • Liquidate VAT and IRPF taxes.
  • Offer legal advice and review and analyze irregularities and interventions.
  • Coordinate and follow the judicial processes related to the management of your home.
  • We do not only work with homes. Owners of premises, residential buildings, parking, shopping centers, industrial buildings and business complexes can resort to this service to benefit from all the above.

Advantages that we carry the lease management of your property

As you will see below, there are many advantages of hiring a rental administration service

  • Time

This advantage is simple; everything we do you do not do it. You can dedicate that time to your needs. Create a marketing plan to offer your property, have interviews with potential clients, investigate them, show the house, design contracts, make payments, contact the community, make the collections and automatically pay them to you…

  • Safety

When we take care of looking for solvent clients, you do not take risks; even so, with our specific coverage with rentals of Arag, we ensure collections. We also choose the tenants according to your profile so you can be calm in this aspect.

  • Unconcerns

In short, what you will get with this type of service is not to worry of an issue that, in many cases, becomes difficult or, as little cumbersome.

We take care of paperwork and negotiations, dealing with difficult issues (which certainly a few are) and, in short, to make sure you do not have to worry about any aspect of renting your property and, of course, always working on your benefit to revalue your property and maintain and monetize the rent.

  • Price

Obviously, this service has a cost that you could save if you take care of it yourself. However, if we put a price on the advantages that we have just seen, we assure you that it is profitable for you to resort to this type of service; Check it out, you can consult us!

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