How to save on the maintenance of the elevator

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The elevator maintenance is always one of the most important expenses for the communities of owners. It is a fundamental element so that the owners of the building can access their homes with the greatest of facilities.

In many cases it is not a question of mere comfort, but of necessity, which is why it is a disbursement that deserves the greatest attention from all the neighbors. It is not only a question of security, but also of saving, since a good of first necessity for many owners must not suppose a great expense, but an excess of austerity can suppose in the long term. Solution? Find the balance with a maintenance offer that suits the consumption of the elevator of each building.

3 tips to keep in mind for elevator maintenance

Here we give you a series of tips to find the best offer for you and your neighbors:

Compare budgets and conditions

It is not just a matter of looking at the price list and going for the cheapest one, but of carefully studying the services offered by each elevators maintenance company and choosing the one that best fits the needs of the neighborhood.

Remember that it is not necessary that the maintenance company is necessarily responsible for the manufacture or installation of the appliance and that the guarantee is not affected by a change in the contracted company. The key to achieving the right price for your community is to pay full attention to reading the terms of the contract, especially in terms of the duration of the contract, the coverage it offers, the extensions it includes, and also, to the penalties that may result from non-compliance.

Choose the best offer for elevator maintenance

Note the time of the contract for the elevator maintenance

Every elevator must have a maintenance contract in force, it is a fundamental premise. Knowing this in advance, you should be very careful with the extensions, since the contract can be renewed automatically without us noticing it. Therefore, invest a few minutes to read them carefully can become the best savings. The ideal durability time is around 1-2 years, since they offer general conditions that cover the main needs of most devices. If you hire a service that has a much longer duration, it is necessary to ensure that it provides the necessary advantages for the type of elevator that your building has.

Know what kind of elevator your building has

It must be borne in mind that during the first years of an elevator, the probability of mechanical or other failures occurring is very small, and considerably less than that of a device that may have been in operation for several decades. A new elevator will not need major repairs, but an old one does. Make sure that the contract you sign for the maintenance of the device is adapted to the characteristics of the same, and that the conditions of revision and arrangements are matched with the type of elevator that is in your community.

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