Why bet on the quality of oak on wooden floors

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The wooden floors nowadays live a golden age in their demand. This article is one of the most demanded and has become practically essential for the good decoration of a house for several reasons. The installation of the sheets is simple, and in addition, they give the home a distinction of elegance, comfort and modernity that very few elements are capable of offering. In today’s article of Fincas la Clau we tell you why you should bet on this type of land, whether you are looking to renovate your home or revalue it.

Types of wooden floors

When it comes to betting on a wooden floor we must bear in mind that not all products are the same. As in everything, there are different levels of quality, at the top of which is oak, a material that shows all its virtues in the 10ak range of specialized company Yvyra (http://yvyra.es), for example.

Among all the classes of wooden floors, the 10ak model is the one with the greatest capacity to give a house a modernist and avant-garde image. This virtue is essentially due to its possibility of finishing in more than 30 colors, an advantage that few materials can boast. But even so, above any other factor, it is the raw material itself, the oak wood, which generates this range makes the difference with respect to the other models of sheets.

The advantages of oak

What has the oak that distinguishes it from the rest of the elements and that makes both buyers and carpenters fall in love? Mainly because it is the perfect blend of five key factors: aesthetics, strength, quality, price and ease of installation. This type of wood does not put any complication for tasks such as sawing, brushing, screwing or nailing, something that added to its abundance, make it a fetish for any professional in the sector.

Oak floors, quality and elegance

Oak wood, much more than quality

But wood specialists are not the big beneficiaries, these are the buyers, and therefore, the homes. The model 10ak is an idyllic item for any house that adds all the virtues that every buyer seeks. It is not the cheapest material on the market, but its aforementioned abundance (oak is present in more than half the world) means that a quality product has a price within reach of any pocket.

Resistance is another of its hallmarks. Oak wood was the material used to build boats in antiquity, so you can already imagine how effective its resistance to humidity is, which greatly favors its finish with varnishes and paints.

Its price and its resistance form an important part of its appeal, but its careful aesthetics is what really seduces our eyes. Its color palette is one of the most complete on the market and ranges from the lightest brown tones to the darkest, through reddish, white and yellow tones. The color is the perfect ally of its so popular texture, a factor that gives personality and charm any floor. In addition, the 10ak model has multi-layer flooring in 1-strip format in dimensions 14 / 3x190x1900mm, which offers a versatility and total adaptability regardless of the type of housing that is. Undoubtedly, the best option to dress the floor of your home, do not you think?

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