Prevent insects at home: prepare your home for summer

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If the location of your house makes it very vulnerable to the arrival of insects, it is advisable to be very alert, because these animals usually bring diseases and dirt to our home.

How to prevent insects at home?

Do not let the insects interrupt the tranquility of your home and get to work with these tips.

  • Deep cleaning

Cleaning the home is essential to prevent the arrival of animals into our home. Every day you have to collect the trash and remove it from the home, if we accumulate the waste, there will be insect’s lodges. Cleaning the furniture, the roof and the corners where the dust is housed will help remove the pest shelters and this will stimulate your early departure from home.

  • Place traps

Locate rodent traps at the entrance gate to prevent their arrival. Similarly, do not leave the doors that communicate to the street open for a long time, if you do, you will be opening them also to insects.

Aluminum mosquito nets on windows will prevent the entry of mosquitoes and flies, which are very common at certain times of the year, try to implement these measures to keep your home protected from any plague.

  • Purchase plants

Plants in addition to filling the house with life and harmonizing the spaces, some of them can help to ward off insects. Among the most recommended are: basil, mint and oregano, the odors of these plants remove any attempt of insects invasion.

  • Use of insecticides

The poison should be used as the last option to eliminate insects, as their strong smell and side effects can cause damage to our health and especially in the youngest of the house and pets.

If they are forced to use insecticides, try to do so just before leaving home, so that you stay away from the strong odors that are so harmful to health.

Other natural remedies for mosquitoes? Look at this video!

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