How to Plan a complete home renovation

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Surely we all have a friend  or relative, or it has come to our ears that someone has chosen not to buy a newly built flat, and instead what they did was to buy an older home, made a integral reform and now have a home which is spectacular. Or at least that is what people say when they see it. Joking aside, who has not thought of doing a renovation in the house and change everything? Join living room and kitchen making it open concept, or maybe it occurred to you that if your bedroom was in another area of the house you would have better views, for example. If you are going to carry out a complete renovation of your home, or you are going to acquire that older home to finally get the house of your dreams we want you to know what the key steps would be for your project to be a total success. Some that have caught our attention are from this web of renovations in Malaga, to which we invite you to take a look.

Surely you have many ideas of how you want the final result to be, what style of decoration and even the final distribution of all the rooms, but even so, we know that when you truly begin the process you will be quite lost.

During this post we are going to see the logical phases by which all projects happen and how you should apply them to, as we said before, make your renovation a success.

How should your dream house be?

In this first point we have to be realistic. Let’s think about the house to be renovated and its current features. We must be aware of the space that we have and adapt to it. Parallel to this we will have to analyze what kind of life we do in our home. We must make a list as detailed as possible about the number of rooms we want, if there is sufficient kitchen space, we need more cabinets or even type of windows. Everything is worth considering. Think that you are the one that will live and enjoy the house, so any details you would like to have or stop having, now is the time.

Draw a new layout and calculate the cost. Once we move forward in this second step we will begin to feel the magnitude of what constitutes a renovation of these characteristics for the people who will live there, and even how it will modify their daily routine.

We will draw as a draft and approximately how many and where all the rooms of the new home will be located. The questions will usually be of the type: Can I put this room here? Where should we put electricity plugs, telephone, and TV? And how many will I need? Can I put a fireplace in the center of the room to create ambiance? Should we review the general housing installations? And most importantly, how much does it cost?

As we said before now you will be realizing that perhaps you should be valuing the advice that companies or professionals of the sector offer us.

Now that we have clear enough what our needs are, we have our list and drawn the draft of the new distribution is the time to go see an architect. He will advise us of the best way on how to carry out this project so that we finally have everything we need, taking full advantage of the space and controlling the costs of all the work. He will inform us of the approximate costs, current regulations and licenses, and even how to communicate it to the homeowner’s community, if it were our case.

When we finish this step we will know if everything we had in mind will be possible to do, what is the final distribution we should implement and even which parts of the project we will have to give up. In addition we will have control over the expenses and if whether we can finance it or if it raises our budget.

At this point you may be interested in the article How to finish my unfinished house? The same is about what options we have to make a home of our own.

complete home renovation: the kitchen

What company do I choose for my complete home renovation?

Dedicate as much time as necessary. Be aware again of the project in which you embark and act accordingly to its magnitude. Look for companies that give you confidence, research on them, try to see finished projects of each one, and even have a first meeting with each one that you have the best perception, before even asking them for a budget. Yes, you read it right, before you ask for a budget. The human factor in these types of projects is a very important element to take into account. There must be harmony between architect, construction company and client. Since much of the success is based on that architect and builder have been able to understand each other and understand the needs and requests of the client.

Once you have completed these steps you will be able to obtain your final budgets, make a thorough comparison of them and to be able to decide which company best suits your needs and budget.

Contract, Guaranties, Permits and Licenses

We assume that you ran away from the company that the friend of your friend told you about, or the group of masons that someone told you, and you have chosen to hire a company of real professionals of the sector. They have the infrastructure, knowledge, machinery and a team of professionals who will accompany and advise you before, during and after the complete renovation of your home.

Therefore, they will provide us with the contract that must guarantee the quality of the works and the materials to be used, to establish a deadline for completion of all works, so that we can obtain the greatest tranquility in the development and execution. They will also inform us that they are in possession of liability insurance for possible breakdowns that / or may occur.

These companies also greatly facilitate the management of permits and licenses that we must ask the administration or city council on which it depends.

Participate actively in the process of the works

We should be involved in the development of the renovation as much as possible. This allows us to be aware of how the work is going, as well as gradually discovering the advances that occur and the tasks that are ended. This allows us to rectify, if necessary, a part of the project we thought we liked over the plan, but brought to reality, the result does not convince us. In the same way allows adding elements that we did not contemplate in the beginning.

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