How to organize a change of residence

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If you are going to buy a home or just do it and you need some good advice on how to organize a change of residence read on. We know that leaving it all behind is sometimes not easy and that there is a lot that needs to be done to make everything work out, well. Therefore, we want to tell you today how to carry out this process, which can be difficult at times but, with determination and patience, will be perfect.

Everything you need to know before moving house

We leave 6 of the most important points when organizing a move.

Who will make the move?

The first thing we advise you to do is decide who will take care of packing and, above all, transporting the belongings.

Depending on the things you have, you can do it yourself or turn to someone else, professional or not. However, if we talk about a complete move, it is probably best to hire a professional and experienced removal service that will relieve us of that very heavy load.

In any case, you need to know that this is not something that is done from one day to another. You will need to decide what to take and what not (it will be an ideal time to do cleaning), you will have to take inventory, put things in a particular order … Arriving the day and depending on your decision, you may just have to wait for it take everything.

Ana Samper, proposes us in this video how to organize a move and gives us several tips on how to prepare it:


This aspect is very thorny because everyone will have their opinion. If you have small objects of great value, such as jewelry, furs or canvas, you can choose to move them yourself to make sure they arrive at your house, and in good condition.

Likewise, if you are going to leave the entire move in the hands of professionals, it will be indispensable that you make an inventory in which you indicate each and every one of the objects, their state and their location, being suitable to take photographs before packing them.

You will need to do a deep cleaning

On the other hand, before moving to your new home it is important that you do a cleaning, taking advantage of being empty or there will be few things; so it will be much easier, do not leave it for when you have moved.

In the same way, if you have to make home repairs, the best time is before you change your house.

Are we going shopping?

If you are not going to take all your furniture or need some more you will have to think about shopping. For this, you may have to wait for your belongings to arrive or not, depending on what you need. But what if we advise you to do is to think what you want and where.

Do not you still move?

If you still do not want to make the move but you have to evacuate your previous home, the rent of storage room will be the best solution. Here you can keep your belongings (or a part of them) for as long as you need, so that you can, for example, put things slowly, without stress. At your own pace, you take your stroller and once a week (or when you consider) you take some things from the storage room to your new home.

Rent of storage rooms to store your furniture.

The paperwork on your change of residence

There are times that a change of residence also involves a considerable amount of paperwork. This is especially true of international removals, but also of domestic removals. As a little, you will have to modify your ID and your registration, to change your address to Traffic, do the same in Social Security and Treasury, domicile receipts …

As you see, a change of address is much more than keeping things in boxes. It is important to know this information to anticipate and do the best job possible.

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