The importance of the property manager

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Property managers are those professionals in our sector who are responsible for, as their profession determines, managing the homes. That is, take all the issues that can be related to the administration of the community of owners. Obviously, this definition is very general and little or nothing explains if we really want to know what this professional can do for us. Therefore, if you wonder what the management of properties or communities implies and what the property manager does for the community of owners … do not miss this article! In it, we will try to address these issues.

What does the property manager do for the owner’s community?

The powers of this figure are detailed in Article 20 of the Horizontal Property Law and it is more than convenient to know them; first, not to require this professional to act beyond their competencies and, secondly, to carry out those that do, and often do not even know.

  • Management of payments and collections

The function that surely most people know is to manage both payments and collections of everything related to the community of owners and the home itself. This is nothing more than ensuring the collection of community payments, spills and other payments and keep the whole neighborhood aware of it.

Segundo Pérez, in this video of the Youtube channel of Melián Abogados, tells us what are the criteria for the distribution of common expenses, according to the community quotas in the communities of owners.

In addition, the property manager it must take care of (when there are) payments made to companies, supply marketers, public bodies and other service providers that can be contracted. In the same way, it must also inform about grants and subsidies, and be in charge of requesting and processing them. All of this must be recorded in your income and expenses plans.

  • Management of notices, incident reports and claims

It is the job of property managers to address and resolve these issues, along with insurance alerts and external providers.

  • Preparation of reports and budgets

The administration of the community of owners be responsible for writing reports related to the economic movements, as well as the actions of the neighborhood.

You also have to make guides and other thrifty proposals regarding supplies, external employees, efficient consumption, garbage collection, janitor and any other expense you may have. In the same way, it will be the person in charge of writing or modifying the statutes according to the needs of the neighbors, always in compliance with the law.

Discover what the property manager do for the community of owners.

What does property management imply?

  • Comply with urban and architectural legislation

This professional is the one who truly knows all the legal matter in which a house can be involved. Therefore, it will be the figure that ensures compliance with this, making sure to carry out the corresponding inspections, that the responsibilities of the problems fall on who corresponds, etc.

  • Manage the meetings

You will have to prepare and call the meetings, write the minutes of each of them and record everything in the minutes book.

  • Safeguard all documents of the community

It is your duty to keep any document related to the administration of the community secure: payments, collections, loans, agreements, salaries, modifications of any kind, news … Everything must be printed on paper and kept in a safe place for a minimum period of 5 natural years from the occurrence of each one of the activities that are detailed.

In essence, these are the powers of the property manager. In any case, you can contact us if you have any questions about your community of owners and we will be delighted if your manager should or should not take care of the matters that concern you.

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