What heating system is most economical for the home?

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The home is undoubtedly the best refuge against the winter, provided that of course, it is well conditioned to face its uncomfortable company. Contrary to what vain popular beliefs tell, it is not necessary to waste energy and money to keep the typical helor of this time away from the inside of our four walls, but to know what heating system best suits our needs and also, at the disposal of our houses.

If you do not want the battle against the cold to become a struggle for the survival of your pocket, but you are not willing to have a pajama and a blanket as your only defense, keep reading and you will make your house an insurmountable barrier against winter , by many white walkers who come with him.

The most efficient heating system

To properly equip your home against the cold in the most efficient way, the wall-mounted condensing boiler is the best option, without any doubt, the most versatile heating system. This modern device is capable of adapting automatically to the consumption habits that have been in each home, and also, as far as energy consumption is concerned, it belongs to the prestigious Class A. What does this mean? It’s something like the Champions among electrical appliances, where not all come to be. Do you want to learn to differentiate them?

If you notice, in all your appliances you will see a label that will go from A to G. The closer you are to the first letter of the alphabet, the more energy efficient the product will be. Having a category A guarantees that the appliance has a 55% lower consumption than the average, but the best thing is that the Junkers brand boiler has the A + certificate in heating and A +++ in hot water. “And what does that mean?”, You will be asking. Nothing bad: for each symbol + you have printed, energy efficiency increases by 10%, so the benefits will not only go to your pocket, but also to the important (and so forgotten) environment. These advantages make the condensing wall boiler the most efficient heating system in the market today.

Always search for energy efficiency labeling

If it is not enough to know that and also, you want to achieve even greater energy efficiency, you can complement the use of this boiler with digital technology adapted to heating. Do you want to know how? With a temperature modulating controller, a tool with which not only will you achieve responsible consumption, but it will guarantee an ideal thermal sensation for you.

A modulating controller, the best complement

Do you want to know how it works? With a fun metaphor you will understand it perfectly. The controller is like your mother, who when she says to you, take a chamois with you knowing that you will be cold at night, you regret a few hours later for paying attention to her. With the modular thermostat, there is no regret, because this instrument is aware of everything that happens both in your home and outside of it so that the environment you breathe is the most suitable for your comfort.

Going into more technical aspects, the modulating controller in sync with the condensing wall boiler will form a tandem capable of finding with mathematical exactitude that temperature so desired (and so difficult to find) that there is between the marks and the recommended, and what Does it come out of that calculation? A sense of comfort unattainable for any other system and above all, an energy efficiency level A + with which you will save more than half the consumption.

But there are remote cases in which not even two good tools such as those just explained are enough to heat a house properly. If you are one of those who have an infinity of square meters to protect from the cold, and you are fed up with that feeling that makes going from one room to another is like being transported in just a few seconds from the Maldives to the top of Everest, it is evident that you need a more specific device that adapts to your needs.

Boilers of greater power for specific cases

There is nothing worse than entering the house hoping to protect ourselves from the cold and that an inner cold gives us an icy welcome. In these cases, the saving happens to find a system that covers all your home, however spacious it may be, since it will be the only one that will guarantee you the comfort you need. Do you want to know what it is?

For specific cases in which the dimensions of the building exceed the performance of a mural condensation system, the solution is to have a standing boiler, either gas or diesel, here we explain the particularities of each:

  • Gas standing boiler: it is a safe and reliable option for large homes located in the outskirts of cities (such as rural houses or single-family homes). This device takes advantage of the gas service to use its enormous power and heat all corners of the home, with it it will be impossible for any cold space to remain.
  • Gasoil standing boiler: it is a very similar system, but focused on finding the comfort of those who live in an isolated area where gas service has not yet arrived. Under this context, diesel fuel becomes an essential fuel to achieve a heating according to the needs of the place.

Both are systems with an energetic power much higher than that of the wall boilers, does that imply that they represent a greater expense in the bill? It does not have to, since the main premise of saving is to hire a heating service that suits our needs, however specific they may be. Otherwise, energy efficiency will take care of our pocket, but not our well-being.

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