What documents are necessary to formalize the purchase and sale of flats?

The purchase and sale of flats is often a headache because of the amount of time involved in organizing all the paperwork. Applications, certificates, signatures, payment receipts…

Documentation necessaryfor the purchase and sale of flats

In Fincas La Clau we help you to carry out all the necessary formalities for the purchase and sale of flats. To guide you a little, here we leave the list of documentation you need if you want to put your flat for sale:

  • Title of the Property or updated information note of the Property Registry.
  • Certificate of habitability corresponding to the flat for sale.
  • Certificate of energy efficiency carried out by a competent technician.
  • Deed declaration of new construction and horizontal division and enactments of community homeowners
  • Documentation regarding the services and supplies of the flat for sale.
  • Last IBI receipt of the flat for sale.
  • Documentation regarding the current charges of the flat for sale: community fees, pending bills, mortgage of the flat…
  • Receipt or certificate from the homeowner community stating that the payments are up to date.

Important to know that the expenses that can derive from obtaining the necessary documentation for the sale of flats, falls on the seller.

A lot of paperwork and little time?

Do not panic, in Fincas La Clau we can help you with all the necessary paperwork to sell your flat. We will also advise you on everything you need, such as the valuation of the flat for sale – to set a price appropriate to the current market – we will advertise the flat following a suitable strategy to facilitate its sale. And we will propose solutions to any problem or eventuality that could arise during the entire process of buying and selling the flat, even after. As an added value to the sale of the flat, to comment that in Fincas La Clau we give the flat insurance to the buyer, which means a significant advantage for the seller when selling the apartment. Ask us.

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