What key features should a furniture repository have?

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The boom in the real estate market in Barcelona has led to a logical increase in the demand for removals, which has led Barcelona furniture repositories to be almost overflowing with furniture, clothing, appliances and other personal objects of users. This service is undoubtedly the best option to store and store our goods for a while until we have completely completed the move, but the truth is that it is necessary to mark a red line and define what qualities and conditions should have this type of space designed for protect our elements.

The four fundamental characteristics that should be included in all furniture repository

There are four fundamental values that are essential to catalog a space as an authentic furniture repository. It is not a mere store of products without any order, so if you are looking for one and do not meet any of the following characteristics, look for another:

  • Packaging and inventory service

Packing boxes.

As we told you, a furniture repository is not a storage room in which to stack different items without rhyme or reason. This space includes a professional packing service so that objects are not only protected from any type of impact or scratching with walls or other items, but above all, from atmospheric or environmental elements such as humidity, which can cause serious damage to furniture. wood. In addition to this protection, the furniture storage service is responsible for making an inventory so that you have all the elements ordered in the most efficient way possible.

  • Work in advance

One of its great peculiarities, and one of the issues that most distinguishes it with regard to the storage rooms, is the fact that to remove the objects of a furniture repository you can not do it whenever you feel like it. To ensure total security and not enter anyone who is not the owner of the items, the companies responsible for furniture storage have the requirement that to remove the objects, you must notify one day in advance. For this reason, the inventory service is so appropriate. This feature offers the convenience that they will handle your request and you just have to present yourself to pick it up.

  • Surveillance service

In addition to having a lock as is logical, a furniture warehouse offers a 24-hour surveillance by professionals, since in most cases, these spaces are located inside an enclosure managed by the company that owns it. It is a factor to take into account in the case of storing high value objects, such as furniture or high-end equipment or simply, business data that a company has needed to store in a change of venue, a very useful security guarantee for everyone who needs it.

  • Total versatility and adjustable to your needs

Another of the main features that you can find in any furniture storage service is the very interesting option of selecting the space you want to store your objects. In this way, you can choose between a larger or smaller size depending on the number of items you are going to store.

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